Sunday, November 14, 2010

The teens

As I was looking through pictures of our wedding the other day, I found one that kind of tickled me.  It seems like it was so much more than 10 years ago, and yet—like everyone says—it somehow seems like only a few months ago that they were this age.

Randa's Wedding13 (2)

I’m the oldest of 6 kids. These are my two youngest siblings, Ryan and Julia, at my wedding, waiting in the back of the church before they walked down the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl. 

Pretty snazzy little ones, don’t you think?

But look at them now… still best buds.


Ryan’s 19 and a sophomore in college in Oklahoma. Julia turned 15 on Thursday and is already picturing life “on the outside” after she graduates.

Both of them were born after I’d left home, Ryan during my freshman year of college and Julia after I’d graduated from college.  So I haven’t really been around for their growing up as much.  Maybe that’s why it just amazed me to look at the picture from the wedding and realize it was just 10 short years ago.  “Short years” to me, almost half a lifetime to them.


  1. For each of them, it's MORE than half a lifetime ago. For Ju, it's 2/3 of her lifetime ago! But I remember well...cause I'm old :o)

  2. OK, you definitely know how to keep your parents' interest in your blog very keen. It is FUN to look back and realize HOW MUCH kids change in "in just ten years." RELATED ITEM: Kermit Allen was featured on the front page of our newspaper talking about the Natl Guard. Kermit is 80 now. HE WAS ABOUT MY CURRENT AGE WHEN WE MOVED HERE! I thought he was OLD then. Scary!

  3. It is amazing how fast and how slow 10 years can go. I can't believe that I've been married for a third of my life now... that my oldest boy is halfway to "adulthood"... that we are about to embark into a new decade when it just seems like yesterday that everyone was freaking out about y2k. Crazy stuff, but so fun to look back on. I can't believe your youngest siblings are almost both college age!!


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