Friday, October 22, 2010

Comments: #1

I’ve thought for a long time that there is alot of good in the comments we leave on each other’s blogs. And sometimes I have bits of something that I leave on someone’s blog and I think that I should share it with others, because it’s likely to apply to more than one person. 

So I’m going to be starting a series that shares my comments.  Maybe that’s thinking too much of my own thoughts or cheating as far as blog content goes, but I think it might be interesting.  Feel free to join me in sharing your comments on your own blogs… I know many of you have left notes for me that held a lot of wisdom!

Here we go…..

Responding to this post, regarding my good friend Jen’s dream that she was offering up for analysis…

Well, dear, you know me well enough to not be surprised at this...and I'm no dream analyzer pro or anything... but if nothing else,  I'd go with the one question.  Are you ready?  If not, get that way. :o)  Then you're good to go whenever and wherever. Be ready to go, and be ready to stay. Bases covered!

As for me, I don't want to miss out on anything, I don't want my girls to miss me, but am I ready?  Yep.  100% ready. Happy to go home as soon as my HOME is ready for me. Happy to stay here with my bunch for as long as I'm needed.  Win-win!

Hugs, girlie!

Go by Jen’s blog and check out the dream and offer your own thoughts!


  1. Dreams are so strange!

    There are days that I'm totally ready right now... but of course I long to be a part of my kids' lives for as very long as I can... even if what I'm doing is just screwing them up! ;)

    Seriously, I've asked Him to not let me go home until everyone has at least turned 5 - because I want them to all have some kind of memory of me - selfish I know :)

  2. Interesting post and perspective RK. I've been pondeting it and I think it is a lot less to do with my relationship with God or being ready than it is the fact that I have zero interest in going for a LONG time. I had a reader email me her comment which really rang true. As I have been revisiting the prenatal diagnosis days, it has stirred up a lot of ugliness BUT it tells me just how very far I have come in my acceptance journey. I'm in a much better place and don't want to miss a second of her precious life. Anywho, thanks for commenting.

  3. Jessie--I like the "not til their 5" thing. :o)

    Jen--I agree that we want to be around for our kids. Clearly, that's our purpose right now.

    Hence the "Happy to go home as soon as my HOME is ready for me. Happy to stay here with my bunch for as long as I'm needed."

    And I don't blame you for not wanting to miss anything. I think we're all there with ya.


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