Monday, October 11, 2010

31 for 21: Eye vindication

We had a busy morning today.  Appointment with the optometrist at the Children’s Eye Center. 

Note to self: Do NOT try to take two busy toddler girls, especially one overdramatic and sleep-deprived tot, to an appointment where you need to hold one of those girls—to her dismay, not the drama queen—most of the time during the exam.  Not wise.

Dr. S is back! (He served overseas two times in the last couple years.)  He listened well, took notes, and validated my concerns and suspicions.  That is SO nice.  Too often docs are quick to dismiss and don’t listen long enough to get the whole back story.  I went in today with my info ready, my speech concise, and my concerns clear.  He took them all in and then observed.

Braska has had a couple strange things going on lately that I felt sure were related to her vision.  The most obvious is that she tips her head way back when she watches TV or looks at a book that I’m reading.  When she tries to focus, she tips back, puts her chin in the air, and looks down her nose. 

This has happened for over a year, and we’ve had her evaluated by PT, OT, and vision to find out if it’s a strength thing or if it is all visual.  There have been mixed reviews.  But I feel like we made progress today.

I’ll talk more about it tomorrow.  It’s a lot to get down, and I’m wiped out.  Check back for part 2.


  1. I'm so sorry! Next time I'm be available to play with the cranky one or hold the other one - whatever. Glad you made it though!

  2. I love that you really prepare for your appointments. I'm sure that REALLY makes a difference.

  3. I recently had to take Kayla to her eye appt and had Lucas too. Had to deal with him wanting every.single.thing done to him that Kayla was having done. As if he was missing out on some great fun thing. A meltdown was in the makings until the nice tech obliged him in the testing part; sadly he had to skip out on the dilating eye drops!


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