Monday, October 18, 2010

31 for 21: Beautiful Baby Braska Part 1

Yesterday I was looking for some pictures on my mother-in-law’s computer, and as I was perusing her uniquely organized files, I came across some great ones. These are all pics that probably were posted long ago on Braska’s blog, but they’re definitely all worth bringing to the front again.  I smiled at each and marveled at what a pretty little one she was.  That she IS, of course. But her little round baby face was just too cute…

So enjoy this little walk down memory lane.

From the summer 2007, one of my all time faves. Hanging by the pool with Grandma C.
Nebraska grandman1

Also from summer 2007, with Uncle Levi. Notice the marks on the side of her face.  That was one of our worst experiences with NG tape… she still has a scar from that one.  (I wish we’d have ditched that NG a long time before we did!)

From Christmas Day 2007. Just so cuddly, isn’t she?  This was the DAY AFTER she got her glasses, and she was LOVING life.  She came alive in a whole new way. (Don’t miss the yummy little curvy pinky finger, one of my favorite little traits of hers.)

Just after Christmas 2007, with Uncle Ethon. Those blue eyes of hers are no longer as blue, since they’ve changed a bit over the years. But I love that little face… 

More to come in a couple days… 


  1. Nice pictures and you were kind with the word you used describing my filing system.

  2. Nomnomnom! I want to munch on that curvy little pinky! Oooh what a nummy little girl.

  3. oh look how little she was and how big she is now! Where has the time gone?!


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