Sunday, October 17, 2010

31 for 21: Hope for the best yet

We’re hanging at the in-laws’ place, as usual, watching the Bears beat the Seahawks. (Wishful thinking…they’re currently behind by 10.) I’ve received some pretty cool birthday cards, some homemade, all very thoughtful. One even had a panda mermaid hand-drawn by Shay.

Did YOU get a panda mermaid on YOUR birthday card? I didn’t think so!

I received a generous gift card that I promised I’d spend on myself…the inability to generally do so is apparently a flaw of mine.

And one-of-these-days-sister-in-law Cheryl made me a lovely carrot cake with some scrumptious frosting! I’ve been back on the super strict diet for a few days, with success, but it’s my birthday, for heaven’s sake, so I had cake!

(See what the cake says? Happy Birthday RK. And some of you think I'm just being coy online by using initials... )

Here’s to another year, hopefully my best yet!


  1. Happy Birthday, RK!!! I hope it's a great day, kicking off a great year!!! xo

  2. Happy birthday friend. Sounds like a great day! Hope your year is fab!

  3. sounds like a good day - and looks like a yummy cake!! happy birthday RK - hope your year is full of wonderful blessings.

  4. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A FELLOW 17-ER! (I think our birthdays are exactly 6 months apart.)

    :0) Hope, hope, hope it's full of surprises even sweeter than that cake you're holding...

  5. Happy belated birthday!

  6. happy belated birthday to you! sounds like you had a great day!


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