Saturday, October 2, 2010

31 for 21: Want an iPod touch?

I don’t have one, but I’ve got a friend or two who would NOT be without theirs.


Stephanie is offering up an iPod touch in efforts to raise funds for this little beauty to find a home.  Her name is Tori, she is in Eastern Europe, having already been transferred to the dreaded mental institution when she turned four, and she has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.


Stephanie just returned from rescuing her two precious boys from this country, she saw the conditions that so many sweet children live in.  She has a heart to help them find homes, and she’s putting her money where her mouth is and putting up the iPod touch for incentive for others to join the effort.

It’s great. I will help her spread the word. Absolutely.

But really, it’s a little sad to me that we need to offer fancy prizes for people to donate five or ten bucks.  It’s still sad to me that people can’t just hear that this child will in all probability die in the institution where she lives with others of varying degrees of mental and physical disabilities and WANT to help bring her to a loving home.

Such is reality.  I don’t have any desire for an iPod touch, not really into any of the “i”gadgets at all.  But I am into kids who should not have to live in cement rooms without interaction from anyone who can love on them.

Many of us bloggers are doing this 31 for 21 thing…a great time to find blog content for posts.  So I ask… can you AT LEAST share Tori’s story and hopefully donate a bit to her account as well.  We want to help a family find her, help a family afford the adoption process, and help that family bring her home soon?

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