Sunday, October 10, 2010

31 for 21: Note to family, friends, and various others

When watching football—or any other sport, or at any other time, pretty much—please know that little ears hear the words and little mouths can spit them right back out in a split second. 

Thankfully, we keep company (mostly. ahem) with those whose “bad” language is still very mild, relative to the general public, not even on the “bad word” radar for most, but today we were reminded just how fast those words can be latched onto and reused.

I’ve had to reorder my own way of venting momentary frustration—though my worst anger words aren’t bad enough to make the “bad word” list in the first place—but I’m still a work in progress. 

It’s all cute and funny til they come home and try it again.


  1. We know quite well. Your dad used to listen to secular music...until you repeated part of a song when you were very small. It's quite a wake-up call. Thanks for being such good parents to our grandchildren! :o)

  2. I just mentioned something similar to this on my fb status... except the issue was I was in WalMart just looking at shampoo and the other gal in the aisle was cussing like a sailor with her friend over the different scents of shampoo... really??? We have to swear during common, everyday tasks even?? I don't get why so many feel the need to act so uncivilized in public.

  3. I'm guilty of the 'bad words' while watching sports...and found out just how much they do pick up when you're not realizing it. My bad phrase was 'son of a ...' and while watching a game a few years ago I stopped at 'son of a' because Kayla was in the room with me; but she finished the phrase for me. Oops. Guess I hadn't realized she did hear it a few times before that. I definitely don't do that anymore!


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