Saturday, October 16, 2010

31 for 21: It’s not my birthday

Not for another 6 1/2 hours, that is. But today has felt like a birthday in a few ways.

We went down to Clayton for a grand opening of a new universal design/adaptive playground. The girls had a blast, we got some yummy and healthy lunch as a perk, and it is a Beeeeea-UUtiful day outside. Plus M got to schmooze with a few co-workers in a non-work environment. Always a good thing to show off your cute kids, I say. Thanks, M, it was a very nice outing!

This afternoon the girls and I did some shopping at Costco, and they were so good. Both in the cart without melting down. And with Kinlee on very little nap energy. I count that a win.

Then this afternoon my lovely sister Rachel came by to drop off my birthday present…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A dozen gorgeous white roses, and two tickets…for the two of us…to go see Michael W. Smith with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra for his Christmas concert in December.


My favorite Christmas album ever is Michael W. Smith’s Christmas. (Sadly, I don’t own it anymore. Boo.) They don’t come any better… I cannot wait. (Though I know he’s had a few Christmas albums since, so it won’t be ALL that one, but that’s ok!) I knew about this concert, but I also knew it was out of our reach since M took me to see SCC a couple weeks ago for my birthday. So this is a super treat!! We’ll have a sisterly night out, dinner and a show. And Rach knows how to do a night out, let me tell ya. It’ll be wonderful, no doubt!

Thanks Rach!!

Tomorrow’s the day, and I’m already celebrating. Not a bad way to do it.


  1. Hey, I always say stretch out the celebrating as long as you can. Might as well make it worthwile. :) Hope the rest is just as much fun.

  2. yay for great and unexpected gifts!! but I won't tell you happy birthday until tomorrow. :)

  3. We are in Wisconsin and won't have online access tomorrow, so I'm wishing you a super happy birthday now. We haven't had much of a cell signal, either, so if you don't hear from us, you'll know we are thinking of you!! Love you!!!


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