Friday, October 29, 2010

31 for 21: Kinlee-isms #1

Kinlee is a talker. If you’ve spent much time around her at all, you’ve gathered this. At 20 months, she is continually surprising us with her conceptual understanding and use of her language. I don’t want to forget where she is at each stage, so I thought I’d jot some down for documentation purposes.

These are things she has said in the last couple of days… no words added. No word tense changed. Phonetics used when she has her own little pronunciation.

  • I want to eat cereal.
  • Mommy’s eating turkey.
  • My foot hurts on temp-a-chure. (She had stuck the digital thermometer down her pajama leg, and she was stepping on it.)
  • My daddy go to work.
  • Braska’s diaper 4. KiKi’s diaper 3. (Diaper sizes, with the number on the front.)
  • I running around, Mommy.
  • Purple octopus in da book.
  • I ready get in the bed. Bunny, blanket, bink, please.
  • Mommy cook some noodles please.
  • My yogurt suh-tack-uh-ler! Thank you Mommy! (Spectacular is a fave lately. Thanks to Sesame Street’s Word on the Street.
  • Go to park wif Daddy? (I responded that we would have to see what Daddy said when he got home from work.) She replied: Ok, I ask him. (And then repeated that constantly for the next 20 minutes…) I ask him. Ask Daddy go to park. I ask him.
  • I found it! I found my cup.
  • I see da white airplane! (Pointing out the car window at a plane.) It’s right dair Mommy! Look a sky!
  • Mommy change a diaper. (With sz 3 diaper in hand.)
  • Mommy I hungry for some peanut butter jelly.
  • I want chicken rice lunch. I cook it too.
  • And her most regular request: I want to go to Jack’s house!

Of course she also spends a lot of time singing “Twinkle Twinkle” and her ABCs. She knows all her letters (upper and lower case), her numbers 0-10, her colors, shapes, and animals/sounds. She’s a big fan of her bath squirters, and she asks for her “animals” when she is “going tinkle” on the toilet. She counts them all out in my hands, naming each one… whale, dolphin, walrus, stingray, crab, shark, and seahorse.

She also can recite the entire book of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? And Braska can too. They take turns with each page. It's great.

I need to get some video…she’s just crazy funny with her vocab right now.


  1. Definitely need to post some video of that rockstar!

  2. This kid kills me. I can't get over how scary smart she is. By this time she is 5 she is going to be so bored in Kindergarten.


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