Monday, October 25, 2010

31 for 21: Trying to focus

Braska’s got glasses. We’re all aware of this, I think.

On 10/11, we went in for a visit and got a new prescription.  I was hopeful that this would help her out, since Dr. S said that it was a pretty significant change.

We ordered the new lenses to be put into her most recent frames, and they were ready for us this past Thursday.  We picked them up, and she promptly began taking them off.

Braska doesn’t generally take her glasses off unless she bumps them and can’t get them back in a comfy position or if they are really dirty and smeared.  She’s been great since day one in leaving them on.  But not this time.  It was like she couldn’t see and kept taking them off to remedy the problem. 

When she is not wearing her glasses, her eyes turn inward quite significantly, though just one at a time.  One of her issues is that her eyes don’t seem to work together as well as they should…partially due to muscular weakness.  We’re used to seeing the crossing when her glasses aren’t on, but with the new lenses, she was still crossing with the glasses on.  That’s not good.  The glasses are supposed to make it easier for her to focus so that she doesn’t have to strain to do so. It’s the straining that causes the crossing, they tell me.

So we went back to her old pair of glasses for much of the weekend because at least she would leave them on, and though they weren’t giving her the best vision, it seemed better than nothing.

This morning I called Dr. S and left a message about the situation with the front desk.  I asked that he call me back.  He didn’t today, so I’m hoping to hear back early tomorrow, or I’ll be making another call.  I’m wondering if he feels that there will be a period of adjustment as she learns to see with the new prescription. 

I asked her teachers to watch her today and see if they noticed.  She wore her new glasses to school and seemed to do ok.  They said they didn’t notice any problem.  And when she got home, I noticed the crossing was somewhat less frequent, so maybe it is just an adjustment thing.  We’ll see…

But I have to say, nothing frustrates me quite like seeing her try to look at something and have her eyes go all strange.  How confusing must that be for her?!  Vision is something so precious, and so important, and yet so fragile in a way.  It bothers me to see her try so hard just to see something the way I already see it naturally.

Then again, that’s kind of the story of her life. And she takes it all in stride.  Crazy little tough girl.


  1. oh poor Braska!! I hope she gets used to the new prescription soon! good luck!

    Love Lou xxxxx

  2. Those of us who wear glasses can relate. A big change causes strain and often headache. I have found that instead of one big change, we go about half way for a few months and then up to the full prescription. This is MUCH easier on the strain of both eyes and head :o)It costs a little more to change out the lenses again, but well worth it. Ask Julia - she'll tell you how it feels!

  3. Poor missy! Hope its just the adjustment period. We find that Sean is really good about keeping his glasses on at school, or out of the house, but at home he wants them off.


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