Friday, October 8, 2010

31 for 21: Not what you want to see on the floor.

While dressing the girls just now, I turned around to get Kinlee's shoes and look what greeted me in the middle of the carpet.

Pardon the phone pic. Camera is broken. And I did rescue it from the floor before taking a picture.

If you are not familiar, that is a Mic-Key button. AKA g-button or g-tube generically. That is how Braska receives 95% of her nutriton. And for those in the know, I am sure you noticed that the balloon is not broken. Nice. It works best when it is NOT in the middle of the floor. The feedings go better when it is actually in her belly.

So a new one has been placed. Though it took somewhat more force than usual. (Insert nauseous look here.) But we are back in business.

If anyone has any questions about buttons or feeding or the fun or a g-tube (They actually kind of rock in my book! ), this is a great time to ask.


  1. I'd have put a straw in there and seen if I could blow her up like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloon!

  2. I've lived it. Never did like having to put a new one in. Glad that's over.

  3. I'm glad it didn't happen last weekend or I'd have had to learn a new procedure :o)


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