Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Round 7 Answers

1. A typical evening meal--Usually it's something from a box (yeah, I can feel you GOOD moms cringing...I know). Most of you that have been hanging around here for long know that I have a husband who doesn't like food in general and a daughter who refuses to eat. She has a g-button, he wishes he did. And in the midst of this, I love food, and I used to love to cook, but my parade has been rained on a dozen too many times, so I go with what works. Mac n cheese (only Kraft), taquitos, nachos, tacos when I'm feeling more energetic, occasionally Hamburger Helper. (Yep, he likes it...weird, huh?). When I'm feeling like what we call a "real meal," I might do chicken breasts, rice, maybe a salad, fruit, green beans, or cottage cheese. Sometimes we do a little spaghetti (only angel hair pasta) with garlic bread and green beans. But admittedly, that's not very often. We rely on junk or less-than-healthy choices far too often.

2. A healthy meal--Well, I'm glad to say that the last few days we've done much better. Both M and I know well that we shouldn't be eating like we are. M wants to get rid of some belly so he can wear his summer midrif shirts...just kidding, kind of. I need to get going in the other direction with my weight, and we just plain need to be better examples for Braska, when/if she decides she wants to eat. So we've done smaller portions, better choices (grilled chicken, veggies for snacks, and light sandwiches for lunch), and it's good. I don't know how long it will last, as I admit we've tried many times before. But for now, we're motivated, so here's hoping. I'm loving my little salmon fillets...even though M about gags when he walks in the house from the smell.

3. Surprise yummy food--I'd say artichoke hearts are one. I like them in alot of ways, and I'm still surprised. I also don't mind green olives, but only on pizza. Still hate mushrooms!!

4. Favorite food memory--A repeating occurence would have to be Thanksgiving. I just love the whole turkey, mashed taters, dressing, green bean casserole, can-shaped cranberry jelly, and yummy rolls. Oh yeah! And pumpkin pie!! Man, is it November yet?!? Another one would be that my husband, then a guy I'd only known for 7 days, made me manicotti on his first trip down. It was very impressive. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it since.... *sniff* Maybe he'll try again one day. Man, I'd do the happy dance for sure!

5. What does my kid like that surprises me? Nothing. That still surprises me. A kid of mine can not like food. More proof that her extra chromosome came directly from her father.

6. Two items hard to give up... wow. Anything sweet. That's my biggest hang-up. I love dessert of every kind. But I also love tons of Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Italian, and of course, a big old burger!! Ok, two things... I'd say carbs in general. I can't imagine life without cereal or waffles in the morning, bread for sandwiches, pasta, and potatoes. And the other one would probably be cheese... How could one possibly live without it? We have a friend (Hi MD!) who doesn't like cheese, and I'm continually amazed at how he survives!


  1. I get so frustrated when I spend hours cooking a home cooked meal and get luke warm reception, then the next night I open a box and had some hamburgers and the kids eat it up. I just want to strangle them! At least hubby appreciates most of my cooking, though.

  2. Extra Chromosome! Yeah, baby, yeah!

  3. I don't like spending tons of time on cooking either - thankfully my hubby does.

    I love Thanksgiving too :)

  4. Debbie--Yes, it wears on one to have one's attempts at variety and/or health be poo-poo'd.

    Muncher--Proud of that chromosome are ya??

    Melissa--You're right... THANKFULLY! You know you got a good one! :o)

  5. You make me hungry :)

    ps: http://cornishadoptionjourney.blogspot.com/ ;) For you!


  6. We are complete opposites! LOL In my case I hate to cook but luckily my children like their veggies raw LOL

  7. Meredith--Thanks for the award! Try to grab a snack. :o)

    Kari--Yay for raw veggies! And how great that the kids like them!


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