Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy day, follow-up style

Today wasn't bad, but it was no yesterday. Granted, I did get to spend part of the afternoon in the back yard while Braska enjoyed her new swing. Breeze blowing, sun shining, laptop wirelessly connected, lounging in the patio furniture...can't beat it. But that's not what this post is about.

I wanted to follow up on two things from yesterday.
1. I no longer have the Mustang convertible. It's gone. I'd come get you for a drive if I could. I'd loan it to you if I had it. You could use it for prom if it was still available to me. I owned it for only about 6 months, and most of those winter. It was a gift from my husband for my birthday, purchased in the Great Car Transfer of 2004 from Cory, coolest super-geek doctor scientist in Wisconsin. Now I drive the best family sport sedan out there, in my opinion, my cherished Altima. Love it! Need to borrow IT for prom?

2. We DID use our gym last night. Braska went to bed early on a new schedule trial run. M and I got our tennie runners on and went after the weights and treadmill. Me on tread, he on weights, then switch. We learned that we are weak and pathetic, but that's ok. We'll work up to buff and svelt, or somewhere near, or at least better than our current status. No need to get crazy or anything.

Random Questions is next.....


  1. Bet you didn't know that svelt was my favorite word?

  2. I can't wait for random questions!! Those are my favorite!!

  3. Yay for using the gym! That's more than my hubby and I have done.

  4. I've missed the random questions. They've been a lot of fun! Thanks for adding a little variety to my blog.

  5. JRS--Nope, I didn't. Kindred spirits!

    Andrea--Just posted, girl. Put those twins down and get to it! :o)

    Melissa--It's been 3 nights in a row now. We're on a roll!

    Jen--They're up, so please share!


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