Friday, April 18, 2008

Holy Vibrations, Batman!

My dog Belle sleeps in our bed every night. She tends to choose the 20 minutes after we turn the lights out to scratch and lick and primp in various ways. This causes the whole bed to shake and it drives me NUTS! I usually try to maintain my composure as long as possible, but then I sit up and find where she is on the bed, snap at her, or tell her to stop. Thankfully, she does mind pretty well. Easy enough. But it's never caused me to wake from sleep before........

Last night, I woke up from a good sleep (that took me a LONG time to finally get into) to some crazy shaking, and I immediatly reached out for Belle, ready to bonk her on the bum or something to get her to quit. But I found her right next to me and totally zonked out snoozing. Hmmmmm. So if she's not scratching, then why is my whole bed shaking like crazy?? I next thought of a crazy wind or something, even though it seemed stupid to think that could do it, so I stood up to head to a window. But as soon as my feet hit the floor, I knew it wasn't wind. The floor was crazy shaking too! That can't be good! Then it stopped. Just like that. In my half-asleep fogginess, I kind of shrugged, stopped by the bathroom, and went back to bed. I didn't think anything of it at all until this morning when a friend left a voice mail asking me to help her to blog about the EARTHQUAKE. Huh?? Excuse me? Is that what that was?!? Ok, that's weird, but it was in fact an earthquake. From a couple hours south of here near West Salem, IL (I remember some good times there, right Jessie?!?). Bizarre. Whoda thunk it?

Here's a news article if you'd like details. Have a shaking great day!


  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I think I will return. We felt it all the way here in West Michigan. I felt it but it didn't register what it was because I was half asleep. it made sense when I found out a couple of hours later that it was an earthquake centered hundreds of miles away.

  2. John and I woke up with our windows creaking and the house shaking. No damage though.

  3. I know RK! How about that, my home town going national...they had a second one too - talked to some friends over there and no real major damage that they know of as of yet. I remember some good times there with you all too - I remember Rachel falling off the front stoop trying to see a rainbow... :-)

  4. I saw it in our local paper the a.m. St. Louis felt it, but we're on the KC side. Yikes!

  5. Melissa--Crazy isn't it?!

    Kristi--Thanks for coming by!! Glad to have your comment I had no idea it was felt that far away!

    Carole--But you're such a deep sleeper. :o)

    Jessie--That's funny...I don't remember the rainbow fall, but it sounds about right. I just remember Jason annoying me. Ha!!

    Debbie--Glad you were clear of it. It was pretty weird.

  6. GET OUT! How bizarre! We must be too far north (or I was actually asleep for once).

  7. HOLY! I can not tell you how many blogs I read that are from people that live in your area! I had no idea until I started reading blogs and saw everyone posting about the earthquake.
    I know most people felt the same as you, shocked that Il had an earthquake. We don't get them here either.

  8. We slept through it, but we felt an aftershock at work on Friday morning -- crazy! And I thought our insurance agent was just trying to scam us suggesting earthquake insurance...

  9. Poor Belle almost got blamed!:o) Your story was written well - entertaining! I think you should submit it to:

    They want reports from people who felt it; Your description is worth a prize! (...but I doubt if they'd give anything...}
    If there was any shaking here, no one I know has said anything. I was sleeping :o)zzzzzzzzz

  10. I feel so silly that I slept through it! I am such a light sleeper unless of course Nyquil is involved! I guess it was a blessing that God allowed to me experience a cold at this particular time. I would have freaked!!!!

  11. Michelle--Maybe it didn't quite rumble to your house. Feel lucky.

    Christina--Yep, totally nuts!

    Debi--Lots of midwestern bloggers, huh? It's a small blog world. :o)

    Mary--Really? You guys felt it? I can't believe how far away it shook!

    Mom--Yeah, they're not giving prizes, darn it.

    Shannon--Be grateful for good sleep. You deserve it!!


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