Thursday, April 3, 2008

BL Follow-up

WOW!!! You guys are making my year! This is awesome! I may just have to add a few more pairs to the giveaway stash... stay tuned!

I got a great email last night from my super cool contact at BL, and she was SO great. I just can't get over how generous they have been!

Don't forget to put up those posts with pics of your little ones in the BL, for those of you that already love them! Make sure that you tell us that you have the post up so we can all come oooooh and ahhhh!

Winners will be drawn this weekend, and they will be posted by Monday morning.


  1. OK, I'm completely behind the times on BL apparently. I was telling another mom about these and she asked me where to buy them. Are they only made by one company? I'm so confused! You should have heard me trying to describe them from your pictures of!

  2. Shelley--Hope you got my email!


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