Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BabyLegs Giveaway

That's right! A BabyLegs Giveaway!!

BUT...this giveway has an extra dose of generosity required for the participants. Can you handle it?

BabyLegs has been so great to us, and they have surprised me once again! It all started back when the superb Tricia and Little Miss G sent Braska a pair many moons ago. We'd seen them on a few of our little blog friends, and I thought they were adorable. And the idea of keeping Braska warm while being able to access her g-tube without having to undress her was very appealing. So when we received our surprise pair from our friends out East, we were just plain giddy! I quickly ordered several more pairs to go with her wardrobe. It didn't take anytime at all for BabyLegs to become my standard gift at baby showers, and I especially loved sending them to moms that I found who had fresh little new babies with DS. They're perfect for everyday with a long-sleeved onesie, they are great under a little dress, and they are so helpful with therapy since they don't bunch up or get caught under Braska when they're working with her all over the floor. And as a company, they have been great about supporting DS charities and featuring our cuties on their newsletter and website here and there. Yay for you, BabyLegs!

I sent a note to BabyLegs a few months ago, with pictures of my little BabyLegs model, and told them how helpful they were to our particular situation, specifically with the g-tube, and telling them about how I was sending them all over the place to new moms. I got a great letter back and a very sweet offer to send a batch of BabyLegs to me in order to keep on giving! How cool is that?!? I received them (the day after a 10-pair order I'd made...it was BabyLegs heaven around here!) and have been gifting them left and right. What's better than that?!? Well, let me tell you what's better.... While I was away these last few days, I talked to M at one point and he said I had a "big box of BabyLegs" that had come. Hmmmm...I hadn't ordered any recently, so this was curious. It was a BIG box of BabyLegs, for sure. I just stared when I got home to see them. Unbelievable! That means it's time to share!

Here's the deal
~10 people will win a pair of
BabyLegs. Anyone can enter!
~Five winners will come from those who have never tried a pair. Five more will be drawn from all the rest. AND 5 of those 10 winners will win a bonus pair.
~Leave a comment on this post if you want to be entered in the drawing. Entries will be accepted until Friday evening 4/4/08 at 5 pm CDT . If you leave an anonymous comment or you don't have your email visible on your profile, make sure to send me an email with your email address. My address in available in my profile. (Click on the link at the left under the small picture.)
~Make sure to mention how you've enjoyed
BabyLegs or let me know if you don't have a pair for your little one. OR you can tell me about who you'd like to give a pair to...you don't have to share names. :o)
~The "extra dose of generosity" part is this... If you already have experienced
BabyLegs, the pair you win is meant to be GIVEN AWAY...like you will choose someone to pass them on to.
~If you are one of the five who has never tried them before, you can, of course, keep them for your kiddo. If you win a bonus pair, then for Heaven's sake, pass them on.
~As an additional bit of fun, if you have a blog and have used
BabyLegs, I challenge you to post a pic of your little one in the next week sporting their snazzy BabyLegs!

Here's my little bunch of silliness in her Strawberry Shortcake BabyLegs just this last week during OT.

Let's share the fun of BabyLegs!


  1. What a fun giveaway idea! I'll have to snap some photos of Miss Bean in her baby legs. I just love them!

  2. I had never heard of these and I would love to try them, if they make them in toddler sizes! My girls are like sizes 5 and 6, possible 4 and 5. They would fight over one pair though, so i suppose I wouldn't be eligible for your drawing! I love what you are doing though, this is a great idea!! You will be blessed =)

  3. What a cool idea. And you are right, Babylegs has got to be one of the best companies around! I LOVE THEM!

    Sadly Georgia's little hamhocks are getting a little too big for the pairs we have now (though her little brother or sister will be getting her hand-me-downs). And I would be thrilled to pass on a pair if we won in the drawing. I have several friends expecting new babies.

    What fun!

  4. I'd love to be a part of your drawing! Braska always looks so adorable and stylin' in her baby legs! I only have one child -- way too old -- and a son so this is definitely a gift. The little one I have in mind is around 6-7 months right now & I don't think she owns a pair of these yet. Great idea -- very generous!

  5. OK sign me up! We have heard of them but I didn't really think much about them... BUT Kennedy is having her spine fusion surgery soon and will be in a halo for 6 months and someone told me they make great sleeves!! Dressing her is going to be a creative feat so I would love to try these out and see if they work so I can con the grandma into buying her more! :)

  6. I've heard of these but never tried them. I don't know if Peanut would wear them, but if I win, I will donate them to our local Guild. We pass out new parent baskets to families in the hospital just after the birth of their child and this would be a great item to include.

  7. Melissa--I always love a pic of her, especially with her BL!

    Mindy--You'd be surprised how bigger kids can wear them...and we'll be sure to take care of BOTH girls if you win!!

    Tricia--You rock, my friend, for alot of reasons, but mostly for introducing me to this BL world!

    Jen--Kabe might like them?!?! :o) It sounds like you have a nice option in mind for a gifting.

    Rene--They WOULD be great for Kennedy during this next time of her surgery. Great thought!

    Debbie--They are super for new parent baskets...great idea!

  8. I would LOVE to win a pair of these for a gift for one of my girlfriends. I know they've never tried them before and I think they would look really cute!

  9. RK,
    Do they come in colors for boys? I've been desperately searching for something to put on Xander's legs while he's having floor time learning to crawl and walk. Pants are too baggy or too long and he literally scoots right out of them...even scoots out of his diaper! If they make these in a color other than pastels(because my hubby would kill me!), then I'd love to win a pair to try on my little guy while he scoots along on our cold hardwood floors!

  10. Christina--Always glad to see them passed on!

    Shelley--YES!! They do have boys colors, and I do have some included in the giveaway. Xander would LOVE them! Cross your fingers. :o)

  11. I've been meaning to order some of these ever since I saw them on Georgia. Count me in!

  12. what a great company...and what a great idea for a giveaway RK - this will be so much fun for everyone - you have already blessed us with some so if I win I'll send them along to another blogger on your list

  13. How come I haven't heard of these? I would love to try a pair with my daughter, Leah, born in Jan. '07 with Down syndrome. Side note - she just started creeping! I posted a video on my blog for the family!

    Somehow I ran across Melissa's Big Blueberry Eyes blog. Her blog led to another that led to another.... I've spent every free moment looking through wonderful blogs of families with children with Down syndrome. I love it!

  14. What a great idea! RK, you're always inventive. I've seen them around but didn't know where to get them. I'd pass them along to a friend whose little girl is a preemie. They're home but having a hard time with a new baby. I think it'll be a cute baby gift. I may have to order a bunch for presents!! Thanks for the info!

  15. Legwarmers for kids? Count me in!! Although, I also may pass them on to my cousin who just had a baby girl becuase my kid won't wear socks for more than 2 minutes....but we'll see!

    Misty Houston

  16. I'd love to enter! We don't have any Babylegs currently but have heard a lot about them. Steph

  17. I had not heard of them either until you RK! Do they make them for boys? If so, little baby Shike does not have a pair yet. And if they make them for toddlers, Olivia would need a 2T or 3T for next fall/winter. THANKS! Cool idea!

  18. I hear so much about BabyLegs, but never tried their products before.

  19. I'm not entering, we have more than our fair share of BabyLegs - but I just wanted to let you know I linked to your giveaway! So many people comment on Ruby's BabyLegs, I had to share your fun giveaway!

  20. How great! We have never had them before, but I know they would really come in handy with my daughter Emma's therapy. (she had a stroke in utero, so she has a lot of muscle weakness in her right side. So, we have OT twice a week and PT once a week)
    Anyway, her therapist prefers that she wear no pants or leggings when having therapy bacause she wants to be able to watch what Em does with her legs...and, it's cold for her because she has skinny little "chicken" legs.
    So, would definitely LOVE to try a pair. :)
    * Sorry for the book. Can you tell I'm a "talker" ??? LOL

  21. Oh, what an awsome thing! Could I enter Kaylee? We have never tried them but I have been really interested in them after hearing all your rave reviews. And with this werid weather around here I could use something she could have on in the morning wehn it's chilly and take off during the day as it gets warmer. Thanks! :)

  22. What a great idea! Logan loves the pair he has! They have been great for his mobility and learning to get up on all fours without a pair of bulky pants on! We would love to pass a pair on to someone.

  23. We have never tried them, but they are so cute on Braska, we would love to enter in the fun, and maybe pass them along if we find some one in need of a pair! You are too generous RK. So much fun a lot of people would be tempted to keep them, WTG! Do the Babylegs people know you are doing this awesome giveaway? I bet they would be so excited!

  24. How neat that baby legs sent you such a large box! What a great company. We've never owned a pair - when I first heard of them Kayla was 3, or 4, so too big LOL But now with an infant in the house again would like to try a pair! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  25. Cate—Abby doesn’t have any?! I can’t believe I haven’t noticed. We must fix that! :o)

    Jessie—Hope Lillie enjoys her B’Legs!

    Mary—Hi! Thanks for coming by and jumping in! Your daughter Leah is just adorable, and that video was really exciting!

    Nico—Hey girl, I can’t believe how remiss I’ve been with you “in real life” buds of mine!

    Misty—Yup, they rock! I do remember seeing a lot of those bare feet. Ha!

    Steph—Maybe I can deliver them to you personally and FINALLY get over there to say hi when we’re in StL next.

    Jennifer—They do make them for boys and girls…I have a pattern in mind for Baby Shike. You’re gonna laugh!

    Lesha—Thanks for coming by!! You’re gonna love them!

    Michelle—Ruby-do is a rocking BL model!! Thanks for the link!

    BoufMom9—A stroke in utero?! Wow…glad she’s coming along! And the BL definitely WOULD be perfect for her. We love them with therapy!

    Ann—My goodness, Kaylee would be just too cute in BL for sure! And yeah, when is spring going to come to C-U?

    Melanie—Logan knows how to rock his BL for sure! Mr. All-Fours!! Go Logan!

    Karen K—I do plan to let BL know of our giveaway and all the great responses. Good idea!

    Michelle—Mr. Lucas would be even more handsome in some snazzy BL!

  26. RK, we'd love to try the Baby Legs. I read your blog(s) all the time, but have never commented before. Randy and Karen K. are family of ours, so we linked through them. Good luck with your give-away and keep up the great work.

  27. I have seen so many blogs with Baby Legs and I think they are great! BUT have never tried them! Not even sure what sizes they go up to - I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 17 month old and I'd love to be entered into your drawing!!!



  28. Me, me, pick me!

    Even boys can wear Babylegs...Cal and Evan wear them on their legs with a onesie. Since Eli is a big boy, he wears them on his arms under a t-shirt.

    I have a cousin giving birth TODAY! Would love to gift her a pair, once we find out if it's a boy or girl!

  29. I've seen BabyLegs around on the internet but have never tried them on my children. I have a 18 month old and a 3 week old newborn. I think they are a fantastic idea as they keep little bodies warm during diaper changes or I'd imagine during the summer as pajamas! My sister-in-law directed me towards this contest and said that her children are too big for BabyLegs these days, and thought I might be interested in entering! My e-mail is miausham@yahoo.com

  30. My girl is 10 months old and is just learning how to sit up. I know she is thinking about crawling but needs the proper motivation. I read about Miss G's babylegs all the time and I have been really curious, but have never had the funds to get around to trying out a pair. Braska is adorable!!!!!

  31. Corrie--Family of Randy and Karen? I'm sorry! Ha! Thanks for saying hello!

    Beth--I think both girls could find a way to use them...it's amazing how many things you can do with a pair of BabyLegs!

    Jen--Way to be an example of the versatility of BL! But Cal needs his own fresh pair, right? :o)

    Mia--Thanks for coming by. Congrats on your new one!!

    Maureen--Penny is just too cute! And they are great for working on crawling...that's where we are too.

  32. Count me in! I have seen them all over the blog world! I have three boys and didn't know they came in boy colors. We are adopting a aby girl from South Korea, but she won't be home for a while. So if I win I will pass them on to a good friend with triplets (GBG)! I don't think that she has any! One has some delays and will most probably need therapy, so it sounds like she will get a lot of use out of them. They when my little girl is home next year, she can lend them back! What a great company!

  33. Kim--Triplets...I can't imagine! But I can imagine how darn cute three little "matching" kiddos with their BL's on would be. :o)

  34. Hi! I followed the link from Michelle & Ruby's blog. I have a son with severe cp who is much too big now - he's 6 - but my baby niece would be adorable in a pair! She's only 6 weeks old and here in chilly Wisconsin I bet she'd get lots of use out of them.

    My email is mjhuss@earthlink.net

  35. I've heard of them but never had them. If I win, I'd like to pass it on it my nephew or niece. Thanks!

  36. How sweet of you to offer those up to others. I wish they had them when Gabi was little. I think they are the cutest! My husband would kill me if I tried to get them for Preston though.

  37. oh we LOVE babylegs!!! love them love them love them!!!!! What a great giveaway!!! we would love to be apart of your drawing!

  38. I have never heard of baby legs until visiting your blog. I would love for Mattie to try a pair. Please add our names to the contest. Thanks!

  39. Oh I'm so glad that a friend of mine told me about this contest. I've always wanted a pair for my daughter but I've never tried them before. :) If I won the bonus pair, I think I'd pass them on to a friend who is expecting any day now!

  40. How cool! I have seen the babylegs, but have never tried them! I have 2 sets of boy/girl twins ages 5 and 2. I know my kids would love them!!! My second set of twins were born 9 weeks early and they do PT due to prematurity. These would be great for PT.

    We have had 6 major surgeries in the last 1 1/2 years we are waiting to hear if there will be # 7 coming up. UGH!
    Maybe my streak GOOD LUCK will start on 4.4.08!

    Thanks for doing this!

  41. Meghan—Thanks for coming by to enter! Sounds like your niece NEEDS a pair!

    Bunny B—Do you have both a nephew AND niece or is it a baby on the way, gender still a surprise?

    Shannon—You tell Ryan they have plenty of dude-worthy boys styles!

    Amy—Mayson is always a good BL model! Let’s see one of her classic BL pics!

    Sevenfries—Thanks for coming over from the forum! Mattie is such a doll! And I love your blog, but I couldn’t make a comment. :o( Yay for another blogger mom!

    Milk Mama—Glad you came by. Your little one is just adorable!

    Cole Twins—They ARE great with PT. So many surgeries! You must have one tough cookie! (or more than one!)

  42. Those look so cute on her, and a great idea for therapy! I saw them on a picture of Braska a few months ago and meant to ask you what she was wearing! I bet Violette would look cute in a purple pair! I'll go check out the site.

  43. Hey RK!

    I have two friends expecting, and I also have a chubby little nephew that has never tried them. Can you enter me/them in the drawing? (I don't know how big the sizes go, but I will give them to the newborns if they're too small for Nevan. :)

    You're so great, RK. Thanks!

  44. I have spent a lot of time here reading your blog and then came to this post. I'm expecting my first grandchild in Aug. My youngest son has DS and he is so excited to be an uncle...we got to go to the midwife appt yesterday so he could hear the heartbeat. (come visit my blog and see the pictures!) If we win, I will let him give them to the new baby because I wouldn't have found this blog if it weren't for him. :)

  45. I would love for my little Mattie to try a pair of baby legs. Add my name to the contest. Thanks!

  46. What a neat give away. I think I'm too late, but wish we had a pair of these - for g-tube and post! We've been t-shirts only due to leakage. :-(

    I really should order some. Loved your cutie in hers!



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