Monday, April 7, 2008

Morning in Review

(Email sent to husband few minutes ago.)

Fed baby.
Got sprayed with vanilla milk.
Did a work-work batch.
Got puked on.
Saw my sister on national news.
Ate breakfast.
Put up blog post about sister on national news.
Began diaper change.
Found that child was covered in poo.
Carried her by the arms to the tub.
Peeled her sleeper off her.
Literally scraped poo off her from head to po.
Ended up with a hand covered in poo.
Threw up a little in my mouth.
Did work-work batches with one hand while sitting on the bathroom floor and spraying child with other hand.
Cancelled playgroup so I could work.
Put child to nap after Signing Time.

How's your morning going?


  1. oh wow. that is one crazy morning. you poor thing!!

  2. that morning would have prompted me to pile the kids in the van - no matter how inconvenient and go out for a fountain coke - yes you could say my kids drive me to drink :-)

    my turn for craziness happened last night - so guess where I went one of the first things this morning...

  3. Hang in there, girl. Yuck!!

  4. I can relate. One time, my son played with his poo right before a therapist was to come over. It was a mad dash to get him cleaned up, get it off the walls and tv, and then get myself cleaned up too. Had some success except couldn't get rid of the smell in I lit a candle.

    Hang in there.

  5. Bummer! Hope the rest of the day goes better! See you soon.

  6. haha yep. sounds like a typical day to me! Well... except for your sister being on the national news! LOL That's just crazy!

  7. The glamour never ends, does it?

    I hope today is better.

  8. Thanks everyone...we're all fine. I wasn't as rattled by it as it sounded I don't think, but I did think it was worth sharing with M at work while he was sitting there all clean and proper and all.


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