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Random Questions, Round 7

The Random Questions process
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Round 7--FOOD!! I've had conversations with alot of people lately about eating, food, and how what we eat differs so often from what we *should* eat. It's a hot topic in our house with a kiddo that literally refuses to eat and a husband who doesn't like to eat. So share your thoughts...who knows how much it might help someone. Maybe me!

1. What does a typical evening meal look like at your house? (Be honest!)

2. What is your idea of a "healthy meal" if you were going to aim for that specifically?

3. What food(s) do you like now that you wouldn't have believed would be in that category 10 years ago?

4. Tell me about one of your best "food memories." (Maybe a date, or event, or just a great meal.)

5. If you have kids, what do your kids like that surprises you? What would they pick for their favorite meal?

6. If you had to give up two items from your personal menu, what would you miss the most?

My answers will follow soon... I didn't want to wait any longer to get this out there, but I've got to run for now!


  1. Ok, so as a mommy of nine, I will answer to what our dinner "looks" like.
    I always prepare a real meal. It is very rare that we have take-outs or anything pre-processed.
    Typically, we have fish or chicken (usually grilled or baked, no breading) We usually season our foods with Greek seasonings or Creole, just what we all happen to like really.
    I sometimes have a grain like rice or egg noodles, but typically we skip the grains for dinner, esp. in the spring & summer.
    This time of year, we tend to eat a lot of fresh produce from a local organic farm. So, we will have a tomatoe & cucumber salad, regular garden salad, or sometimes even just fresh cut veggie raw with dip.
    I usually put out a fresh fruit, typically from the melon family, or else peaches or berries (depending on the season for NJ)
    * This would be a fairly regular meal in our house all summer long.
    ps All of my kids eat fish, which I think surprises most moms.

  2. I posted on my blog RK - your making me hungry now.

  3. Debi--Wow. You win. Game over. I quit. We can all go home now.** For real, that's great! I guess I know who to call for healthy meal ideas! :o)

    Jessie--I'll check it out in the morning. I'm wiped out. Way to be fast though!

  4. Food, Huh? Let's see, a meal at our house is usually Josiah and I and Chad when he can. I fix stuff my mom fixed when we were growing up, casseroles, chicken, meatloaf, spaghetti. Josiah is a picky little eater, so I try to keep him in mind when fixing dinner, but I don't want to only fix what he wants to eat and nothing else.
    A healthy meal to me would be some salad and chicken. YUM!
    My foods have not changed from what I used to like. I was never a picky eater and I will eat pretty much anything. I don't care for ham and beans and corn bread, but that is about it.
    As for food memories, Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. We have the same menu every year. My mom and I have it down to a science and I just love it.
    Josiah eats guacamole-random! He loves dos reales' chicken quesadillas. We took him there for his birthday last year.
    I would miss chocolate and ice cream.

  5. 1. Normally Vince cooks (yay for me!) and we all sit down at our table. Things usually get pretty silly - Dominic and Delphine love to entertain. So we eat and laugh.

    2.I always feel so healthy when I'm in France and eating the foods Vince's family makes. (yes, I eat the pastries too - just not at the meals). It's usually grilled chicken, or fish, cucumber or tomato salad (made w/ vinegar, oil, garlic), a little bread, cheese and of course a little wine too. But everything is fresh from the market and we sit around and eat, laugh, drink - and then go for a long walk afterwards.

    3. I came from a house that ate a lot of tv dinners - and so I never pictured myself eating something as simple as fresh vegetables. lol!

    4. We were on our honeymoon in France and had just arrived at the apartment that we were staying in. We were a little tired, and trying to figure out what to eat. We heard a knock on our door, and it was the owner of the property. He had a restaurant prepare our meal and delivered it to us. It was amazing - it was in stoneware dishes and the most delicious meal we've ever eaten. We ate outside surrounded by olive trees, flowers, and lavender smell. It was chicken, vegetables, au gratin, cheese, wine, and even chocolate mousse for dessert. Yum!

    5. Dominic has a wide range of tastes. He LOVES calamari, I think it's funny. Delphine loves salmon and avocado.

    6. Most definitely chocolate, and brie.

    Thanks RK, I am now starving and it's only 10am here. :)

  6. 1. This depends on if I feel like cooking or not. I would say I really cook half the time and use easy stuff (i.e. spaghetti, pizza, chicken nuggets and tater tots) the other half the time. When I cook there is usually a meat, mostly chicken, a green veggie- peas or geen beans, and rice or potatoes. Then we spen an hour or so trying to get the girls to eat something. It is not that they are picky about what they eat as much as they just don't have that much interest in eating.
    2. Anything that has a fresh vegetable.
    3.I have learned to like some fish.
    4.My best food memory is from our honeymoon. We went to Hawaii and ate at this place called Halewa Joe's, I had cocnut fried shrip and it was the best thing I have ever eaten!!
    5.Tacos are one of their favorites and it surprises me because there is so many different things in a taco and they just eat it instead of picking it apart to find anything they do not recognize. cream and ice cream

  7. Mmmmmmm, food, my favorite thing to talk about!
    1) A typical meal, when Russ is home, is some sort of meat, vegetable, and maybe a bread, pasta, rice, or potatoe variety for the kids. We try to always sit together at the table and eat if we are all home and are not rushing off to church, a game, or practice.

    2) We are really trying to eat healthy all around, so most nights we eat a healthy meal. Usually it is grilled chicken or some other lean meat. We are not fish eaters. I just can't get past the smell. All our pasta, rice, and bread is whole grain/whole wheat, and we rarely eat a white potatoe, usually only the sweet potatoes. We ususally throw a fresh salad or veggies in there, and we eat a lot of fruit in the summer time.
    3)I really like green beans now and didn't when I was younger. I remeber we would be forced to eat them and I would swallow them whole like pills. I also like onions, peppers, avacados, celery, broccolli, stuff like that. I was pretty much not a vegetable eater as a kid. And I still won't touch peas....yuck!!!
    4.) We took the kids to a Holiday Inn in Indy last February that had a water park in it. I remember when we were going to dinner thinking "This is gonna be gross" becasue we were eating at a Holiday Inn restaraunt. I ordered this Chicken alfredo dish, and it was the absolute BEST meal I have every eaten in my life, better than any alfredo dish from any of the fancy expensive Italian resaurants around here. The plate was huge, and I ate the whole thing.....but this all might have something to do wtih the fact that I was like 8 months pregnant too, so I don't know. I might go back now and it would taste like crap:o)The kids ate their whole meals too, which is definetly rare in our house.
    5.) My kids are super picky eaters. The middle one likes three things...PBJ, macaroni and cheese-only Kraft, and only the straight kind that comes out of the blue box with the gross powder cheese, and cereal. The oldest one likes cheesburgers from McD's because of the onions in ketchup...and the baby loves frozen peas, not cooked ones....I guess that is kind of weird.
    6.) White cake with white icing....especially wedding cake. That is my favorite. I love cake, I love to say cake, I love the way the word cake sounds, I love everything about cake. Im a little obsessed. Anything else, I can live without.


  8. Ok I finally got them done :) they are on my blog

  9. Our goal is to sit as a family each night at the table. Our meals for the week vary depend on what we have going on during the week. We eat a lot of chicken and very little red meat. We also like seafood and would eat more if my husband had any luck @ catching some on his beach trips. His dad used to work on a pier and would hook us up with all kinds of fish. I miss that.
    Anyway, back to food. We eat easy things like spaghetti, baked/grilled chicken, stir fry, chili, and tacos. During the summer, I like to go to the farmer's market. I grow my own tomatoes, but haven't tried growing anything else. I try not to make things from a box. My kids will eat anything! In fact, we have to limit because they will eat too much:) What can I say...We love food!

  10. 1. What does a typical evening meal look like at your house? a meat dish - usually venison, either ground or in steaks. also lettuce salad or canned veggies.Sometimes we have baked chicken or fish.

    2. What is your idea of a "healthy meal" if you were going to aim for that specifically? chicken or fish or deer, salad, fresh veggies and fruit.

    3. What food(s) do you like now that you wouldn't have believed would be in that category 10 years ago? Yogurt. We all love it now.

    4. Tell me about one of your best "food memories." My very best food memories is Thanksgiving dinners with the whole family.
    5. If you have kids, what do your kids like that surprises you? Ju loves raw green pepper. Joy likes rye bread. Ryan likes cottage cheese but not other kinds - sorry, Munch!

    6. If you had to give up two items from your personal menu, what would you miss the most?
    Water - I wouldn't miss any other one item too much. I know some I SHOULD do without :o)

  11. Andrea--Josiah's a smart kid! Guacamole rocks! Even B will eat it occasionally.

    Melissa--It's never too early for lunch. :o) How nice that Vince does the cooking! And salmon, B's been into that too lately. Not eating, of course, but she like to lick and gum it a little. But come on--Calamari?!? Wow, Dominic!

    Karen K--Ice cream? Really? I'm so surprised? Ha!

    Misty--M hates fish too (the smell especially), so even though I like it, it's rare around here. And Cake!!! Awesome choice! I can't believe I didn't know that...we could have had cake so much more often at work back in the day! But then again, guess that wouldn't have helped our diets any.

    Kari--Sounds like you're doing a great job. And thanks for the tips on B's issues. I didn't know Tristan had his streak as well with weight gain issues. :o)

    Kim--You seem to have a good balance going on there. And yay for kids who eat anything!

    Mom--Yeah, I know about the venison and you trying to sneak it in on me. Quit it!!! And I remember the days of you not liking yogurt, although I've always been a fan. And Ryan doesn't like cheese? How did I not know that? Oh, yeah, he was born after I was in college, that might be it. :o)

  12. Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you :)

  13. i just found your blog. Your daughter is darling! The two foods I would miss the most if I had to give them up would be cheese and brown rice.

  14. Michelle--Thanks!!!!

    Sunny--Thanks for coming by! And yeah, how could anyone live without cheese?!?

  15. Hey RK...I posted my answers on my blog! :)


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