Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Odds and Ends

A little while back, my friend Amy at Larkin's Place tagged me for 5 interesting things about myself. This is obviously difficult, which you know if you read about how lame I am. But here's a go at a few more items.

1. I kind of think I'd like to be a photographer if I just all the sudden woke up in a different profession. Not like landscapes as much as people, families, that.
2. In 2006 from January to December I lost 60 pounds. I also was pregnant from March to November of that year. (20 lbs lost Jan-Mar, 13 lbs lost then gained back during pregnancy, and 40 lbs lost from Braska's birth on 11/21/06 to end of the year.) Amazing what stress can do.
3. In 2007 I gained 25 pounds. Amazing what stress can do.
4. I grew up a huge sports fan. Basketball especially, as my brother played and we all liked to watch high school, college, and NBA.
5. I married a man who hates basketball, especially the "shoe squeaking" that goes along with it. So now it's football in the lead!

This is how sad things are at my house generally. When I actually cook, like with ingredients that must be combined in some manner beyond dumping the box in a pan, I have to take a picture to prove it.

I wanted to do spaghetti but was out of handy dandy Hunt's spaghetti sauce. So I used some leftover crushed tomatoes (from when Mom was here) with some canned diced tomatoes that I found in the pantry, blended them all up, seasoned it up, and voila...spaghetti sauce. Added some beef, boiled some pasta, and it's almost like a homemade dinner! It wasn't bad either. Interesting note...first time I've used the blender in about 19 months. I can't believe I've fallen this far. But I'll pat myself on the back anyway!!
I'm shipping the first round of BabyLegs out tomorrow. Finally got my act together and my assembly line worked out. If you haven't sent me your address yet, please do. If you don't have your lovely loot in about a week, be sure to let me know!


  1. Mmmmm your food looks good. It's only 9:30 in the morning here, but I'm hungry!!!

    I love reading everyone's facts about themselves. I too lost weight before Delphine was born, and gained it back due to stress. Ugh. It's always a battle isn't it?

  2. my grandmother can't stand to watch basketball and always comments about the squeaky shoes of the basketball players - funny thing is I don't think I had ever noticed it until she pointed it out. I'm sure M will be glad to find out he has something in common with my grandma...

  3. Melissa--9:30 is a perfect time for pasta! And yes, the battle...I hate the battle!

    Jessie--This is so funny! And M WAS glad to find out that he has a commonality with grandma!


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