Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clean floor, empty fridge

Here's how I spent a chunk of my morning, hands and knees, Cinderella-style.

First, I did the whole floor with a corner-to-corner soapy wipe down. Then a rinse. After it dried, there was still all those dingy areas in the crevices of my super-high-end linoleum (ha!), so I just got a whim to take care of it. Out comes the scrub brush, and, after putting Braska to nap, I went after the floor again.

I'm horrible at keeping up with floors. I sweep now and then, but I hate mopping. I've tried to go with the easy stick-a-soapy-pad-on-a-flimsy-handle route--they seem so popular--but it's no good. It just pushed stuff around. So I use the string-type mop that can go in the washer, but that's a whole process too. SO...I just don't. I just pretend that sweeping is enough, until I can see from 5 feet 3 inches above the floor that there are spots. And it's a light floor....*sigh*

So why did I do it today? Well, someone has taken to a new favorite pastime. Here she is, caught in the act.

A kid who won't take food in her mouth, but she'll lick the floor! And she isn't picky about whose floor or what's on it. So I figured it was a good time to get my act together and keep my kitchen floor clean. We'll see how good I am at being consistent about it. She just loves playing on the floor in the kitchen. It's all slidey and she can move around. I think that must be the appeal. And maybe the acoustics are good and echo-y in there too for her "kitchen talk" as I call it. (If you're interested, there's video evidence of this same kitchen talk on Braska's blog.)

Tonight, I opened the fridge to see what might be in there for fixin'.

Gee, think I need to shop?? And here's something to notice: The middle shelf, between the eggs and the applesauce, both those large things are chocolate bunnies in various stages of eaten-ness. M has a thing for chocolate bunnies, in case you missed it. Sad that they are most of what's there. Well, other than the humongo jar of pickles on the top. Gotta have those, right Rach? Needless to say, dinner was frozen "diet" entrees for each of us. Simple, low-cal, marginally nutritious, done.

In my fridge search, I found some leftover almond bark from Easter's concoctions and some strawberries that need to be used, so what else would I spend my time doing than this.

Nice and easy, dip and go. I can handle that kind of thing. We ate a few, and they were yummy, but the rest will go to work with M tomorrow so we don't cancel out the headway we made tonight with the diet dinners. Gosh, I can't hardly write that in an attempt at dry wit. It's just too ridiculous, but we can rationalize anything, I suppose. Tech group, you're welcome.


  1. LOL! Peanut has started eating food from her plate like a dog. Where do they get this stuff?

  2. I think you have more actual food in your fridge than I do in mine. Unless you count the 185 various Cool Whip and cottage cheese containers that contain various amounts of "leftovers" in various stages of penicillin growth. I gave up on fancy storage containers becuase I just throw them out anyway. I probably shouldn't....I'm pretty sure the cure for something bad is in there!


  3. Well, if I weren't leaving for a convention in the morning, I'd clean my floors; you've given me incentive. Sad thing is, by the time I get home, the urge will be gone :o(
    Maybe you can put different flavors of food on the floor and see which section Braska likes best! Start telling her how much she LOVES to eat all those yummy things you eat :o)

  4. It's funny that Debbie mentioned the plate/dog thing. Delphine does that AND she likes to lick the floor.

    Your floor looks marvelous - and has made me realize I need to give mine some love too.

    Your chocolate goodies look absolutely heavenly!

  5. Debbie--I've heard of kids doing that, but mine hasn't attempted it yet. She does get in to the dog's food when she's playing on the kitchen floor, but no attempts to actually ingest it. :o)

    Misty--I understand the penicillin factory that can be the fridge. I'm horrible with leftovers, and I actually tossed some yesterday in this kitchen work time.

    Mom--She'd play in the food on the floor, but I have no confidence that she'd get any of it in her mouth.

    Melissa--What's with these kids and the floor?!? :o)

  6. You constantly amaze me all you get done in one day ... work, blogging (for TWO no-less!), yummy treats, clean floors, and all with Braska underfoot! You ROCK!

  7. Jen--Awww, thanks! But most days I'm doing good just to get a shower! Thankfully, I don't have to be clean to spoiled, I am!

  8. I mopped my kitchen floor on Thursday, too... also (out of my own guilt) for my children's sake! I've got two teething right now, so EVERYTHING goes into the mouth... including everything I can't see that's stuck to it.

  9. MMMM! Those strawberries look yummy!
    PS My little girl Emma loved licking the floor too when she was younger. She kept me on my toes about cleaning. LOL

  10. Thank you soo much for the Baby Legs! They came today and as promised, my little guy gave them to his sister. I'll get the picture posted on my blog tomorrow probably, been a long day.
    We loved the colors you chose and she was really tickled to get them.
    Thanks so much. I have really been enjoying your blog, I watched your video of the floor and it brought back so many memories!

  11. Steph--Two teething. Not jealous. :o)

    Debi--The strawberries WERE good!

    Sherri--I'm glad they were a hit!

  12. LOL another reason I am glad I don't like chocolate...I look at that and it does nothing for me...but it sure does look pretty!

    One year I made sliced banana and strawberry skewers and drizzled chocolate over them for the kids(including my hubby), it was a big hit!


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