Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy day!

Wow!! There is nothing like a truly happy day. A day when you hear good things, you see pretty things, you meet nice people, and you are greeted by many smiles. Thank you, God, for a happy day!

The weather is great today, too, which is always fun this time of year. I love my car. I say that alot. We had the sunroof wide open today letting the breeze blow us to pieces, me and B. But I found myself wistfully remembering the days of this baby. *sigh* Good times. VERY good times.

Someday I'll own another convertible. No doubt. I must. It's just plain too much fun.

Before I forget, Random Questions is returning this week. Stay tuned. I haven't forgotten, I've just been super distracted.

For those 3 of you who just wondered what I've been distracted with.... I'm having a major de-cluttering mood again, so Saturday night, it was Braska's room that got it. A total rearranging and cleaning out. (Left=before, Right=after)

The shelves of a zillion panda figurines have been cleared for use for more practical storage. I basically filled the end of the room with the dresser/changing table and crib, wall to wall. And although there's a few little things about that arrangement I don't like aesthetically, it works well to free up space in the room in front of the closet and near the door. The window is covered by a very heavy dark blanket because we've found that Braska is (surprise, surprise) like her dad once again, in that she sleeps SO much better in a very dark room. So naps are going much better with this new room-darkening plan.

Then last night it was the dining room. Well, for those of you who have been in our house recently, you know that this before pic below is not all that accurate of late. Yes, we used to have an actual dining room. But we never ate in it or used it at all. So it then became my office when that good booted out of what became the nursery. That changed when my office went into the guest room. The table and chairs has been living in the Man Lair AKA M's living room since that's where the gaming is played frequently. So lately the dining room has been more of a nothing/storage room with a treadmill in it. That's all well and good except it is the room you look right into from the front door/living room, and it sits in the middle of the house, so you can't get from one end to the other without going through it. Not really what I want to be seen from anyone and everyone.

So it's now the gym, for the whole family. The weight bench was moved in from M's room, the junk was cleared out (mostly, some to go still in the corner) and there it is. Treadmill, weights, and Braska's exersaucer. Still not a dining room, but it's neat and that works for now. (Left=before, Right=after)

We have planned to have that big bay window replaced with extra-wide sliding doors as the pool is about 6 feet beyond that window, but that project is going to have to wait for now. Let's see if we can USE the gym now. Anybody wanna place a bet?


  1. You remind me of an episode of Oprah called "Does this clutter make my butt look big?" Good for you. Maybe we can come over and sweat in the gym sometime?

  2. You are wearing me out just reading about all you've done.
    :) Looks great.

    Hey, tell me if I'm being too nosy but did you move the tv that looks like it used to be over where the crib is now? We, in earthquake land, try to think of those things but I remember you saying you had one last week.

  3. Looks great! I'm going to have to do some more decluttering myself.

    My car does not have a sunroof. I am very, very sad about that.

    (p.s. I got the babylegs last week. So cute. If I can find the cable for the camera, I'll post some pics.)

  4. Jen--I don't need clutter for that. :o) And yes!!!! Come use the gym!

    Sherri--You make a good point about the TV. In general, I'm not worried about it, but since the whole earthquake issue has come up...I talked to M about it and we're going to either move the TV or rearrange again. Thanks!

    Cate--I'm still trying to catch up from your last decluttering! Now I've got the kitchen to tear down and re-do! Ha! Oh, and glad they got to you. Can't wait to see Abby sporting the BL. (Or William, if he wants to get in on the action.)

  5. LOL Well, seeing how I am leaving comment #5, clearly there were more than 3 people wondering..heehee
    B's room looks so sweet with the yellow & white. One of my favorite color combos for a baby room.

  6. I'll be waiting for you to come and declutter my house next. lol! It all looks really good.

    And your car...aah I would love to drive around in it. Especially on a day like today!

  7. my goodness RK - you have been a busy mommy...the job of decluttering gives me the feeling of accomplishment and defeat all rolled into one - I know I organized everything and it looks so well put together and makes me feel happy - then I realize that it is so short lived cause I'm not the only one living in this house. ;-)

  8. You have been a busy RK lol I love the covertable car too!! Looks like I am going to be car shopping soon but unfortunately I will have to find something a little more Kid/winter friendly. One day I will have my covertable or maybe a Jeep wrangler!! I haven't been the best bloggy friend since I have really just had the blah's and haven't had anything worth blogging but I think I am taking a turn for the better :) Bring on the Random Questions!!! hehe

  9. I think your rearrangement plan is great. Go for it! I, too, have been cleaning out; had the place fairly decent when David came last weekend. Skye came Friday and helped me do some redecorating plans for the kitchen.

    Use that new room -- you'll be glad you did :o)

    Love you!

  10. Thanks for letting me know. I didn't want to think about that sweet little girl sleeping under that. I do know those are very secure, but in an earthquake, who knows what may happen.

  11. I'll make a bet. I bet that if Braska is in her excersaucer and Muncher is bench pressing there might be a collision of head and bar, look out Braska!

    On another note, reserve my services for next summer and we will put that sliding double door in. Should take me no more than, say . . . 2 weeks. Depending on how nice the weather is, I might have to spend more time in the pool rather than working.

  12. YOur projects look great! I love the flowers on B's walls, so cute!

  13. Debi--You're funny. People are interested in what I'm doing! Woo hoo! At least a few of them...

    Melissa--Let's set a time, we'll declutter your place then you can help me plan my menus! And yeah, I miss that shiny red baby!

    Jessie--Yes! It is SO short lived. And that's overwhelming sometimes. I have to do things in big work all day Saturday then I don't keep it up through the week. grrrrrr.

    Kari--I get the practical car buying! Some day.... And you're a GREAT blog friend, blahs or not!

    Mom--We've used it three nights in a row.

    Sherri--The TV is down. Don't you worry! :o)

    CaptainB--Never fear, we've adjusted the arrangement. There'll be no collisions. As far as the door, we'll see. We also need the deck replaced. You might be out of our price range now with all those letters after your name.

    SunflowerMom--Thanks! The flowers are to match the blanket on her crib. It was mine when I was a baby and has the same flowers under the red/white checks.


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