Sunday, October 21, 2007

31 for 21: The story: Finding out and telling family

I've thought alot about how to tell my story of the pregnancy, birth, and following. The truth of the matter is that most of the pregnancy involves things, not pregnancy related, that I don't want to remember or write about here; it was not a pleasant time, as I wish that it could have been. BUT, there are a few parts that I have pictures to help tell the story, and that makes it easier. So I'll do this in pieces, and I hope you'll simply allow me the gaps.

On March 31, 2006, I woke up early and took a pregnancy test. I had planned to do this the night before. I had been experiencing some symptoms and was headed to the dr, but I didn't want to look ridiculous and uninformed, so I thought this was a way for me to rule it out, to tell them that I'd already checked and this wasn't the problem. So you can imagine my surprise...

Yep, I took a second one to be sure.

It was about 6 am, and I woke my husband to tell him. He looked at the tests and said, "Hmmm. Look at that." And he went back to bed. No magic in that moment really.

We decided not to tell anyone until we got to tell the family, and since they live away and not in the same place as each other, we tried to figure out how to accomplish telling them all at once. We didn't want anyone to hear before anyone else. So we managed to arrange a get-together at my brother's and sister's house the day before Easter. My family was all there, and my in-laws came with us for the cookout. My brothers-in-law were on the west coast, so they couldn't make it.

We had a nice little dinner and such, then we pulled out a special gift we'd made for each of them. I'd colored Easter eggs for each person there with their "new" name on them...Auntie Rachel, Uncle Ryan, Grandma Carole, etc.

We had them in little individual baskets, so we brought them in, while eyes were closed, then everyone opened and looked at their gift. They all said thanks and thought it was cute, although they weren't so enthused. Grandma C made the statement that it was cruel to give them such a thing from Belle, our dog. We told her it wasn't from Belle. She didn't get it, and no one else did either. Then we waited a few seconds and said it again..."It's not from Belle." Everyone just looked confused and weird. Then we said it in unison once again..."It's not from Belle!" And it sunk in suddenly. All chaos, screaming, clapping and such erupted. M caught a quick pic of the grandmothers in their shock.

Then the phone calls commenced as Grandma C called all relatives and friends to share her good news. My sister Joy announced to us behind happy tears that she'd been praying for this to happen, to which we responded that we wished she'd have shared that with us so we could have been more "careful."

Grandma C proceeded to share the news too. And M shared in his own way, the only issue there being that I didn't know it had been "shared" until the phone calls started pouring in.

All in all, it was a pretty neat event.


  1. What a wonderful way to tell your family!

  2. I still remember finding out on M's sight and not knowing if it was real or not. You guys had convinced all of us so well that you were not having any kids that we couldn't believe it was true, not from George Castanza anyways, hehe:-) But when I found out that it was, I was so excited! More excited than ever! And now, I love that little peanut!! Karen K

  3. What a fun way to tell your family!

  4. Eggs! What an appropriate idea!


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