Monday, October 1, 2007

31 for 21: 21 things about me

So this topic was suggested, and I like to have an idea to go with, but I'm not very good at telling things about me... so we'll see what comes from the brain with no advance thought. Should be mildly interesting maybe. Some of these may be listed somewhere before, I can't really remember.

1. I'm the oldest of 6 kids, the youngest being 22 years younger than me. She turned 5 on my wedding day. Our ages now (at the end of this year) 34, 31, 27, 18, 16, 12.

2. At one time, before I was married, I gave private voice and piano lessons, worked with community choirs, and taught music theory.

3. I met my husband online before it was popular to do so. (Story forthcoming, hopefully.)

4. I got married when I was 27.

5. I currently live in Illinois, and this is the 3rd time in my life I've lived in this state.

6. I swore that I would not have toys all over "the good living room" when I was planning for life after delivery.

7. I owe about a zillion apologies to all the friends who already had kids before me. I can't believe I thought I'd get along so smoothly. You were all right...about everything.

8. My brother (31) is a veterinarian who just got married on Saturday. My sister (27) is a big-wig in hospital administration and got her MBA at 22.

9. I desperately need to mow my lawn, close the pool, tear out the hedges in the front yard, and call for estimates on siding. But I just sit here.

10. My daughter has Down syndrome. Her name is Nebraska Larae (Braska Bear). My husband picked her name. She is 7 months status post AV canal repair. Wow. (Stories forthcoming, hopefully)

11. I like ice cream...too much.

12. My favorite color is deep purple.

13. I had to have two epidurals during labor. (Again, hopefully the story will be along soon.)

14. Braska is currently watching Love and Learning Kit 1 video. I can never get the little bits of music out of my head.

15. I was once a part of the coolest small group ever, made up of 4 couples (later 6) who all lived within a 1 mile block and didn't have any kids... those were some good times. Really good times.

16. I spent a month in Singapore in 1995. I'd love to go back. It's absolutely beautiful.

17. In college, I was known by the nickname Sprite, because it was said that I acted like the silly, carefree girls in the Sprite commercials. Life of the party, that was me. Where did that girl go?

18. I didn't go to the Buddy Walk in our town this year, even though Chris Burke was there. I just didn't know what to do or if anyone would be there that I knew, so I chickened out.

19. I love home improvement projects....when I have the time to do a good job. I could watch HGTV for far too many hours a day.

20. I could read the newspaper when I was 4. I was always the youngest kid in my grade.

21. I need to go clean the kitchen, and Love and Learning is over. So that's all for now...


  1. Its Ok that you didn't go--I wasn't ready to go to the first one either. Now I can't wait!

  2. Yes! One down 30 to go. You did an AWESOME JOB! :) I love hearing about your life!

  3. I enjoyed the reminiscing; you remember well. I remember well, too. You were the best baby any mother could ever want; and you grew up to be a beautiful young woman. I thank God for loaning you to me. (I hope these tears don't drip on my keyboard!)

    I love you!!

  4. I loved learning more about you. I like ice cream too much too :)

  5. You are such a beautiful person - it's so fun to hear about you - what you think, what you want, what you like, etc. Keep it up! And whenever you need ice cream, call me!

  6. I enjoyed reminiscing, too. Reading the news at four! You were well-behaved and precocious for sure. I had forgotten Singapore was a part of an UNBELIEVABLE 1995!

    Thanks for the list and a walk down memory lane. You are still our first -- a special blessing indeed!


  7. I was always the youngest in my grade too.


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