Saturday, October 6, 2007

31 for 21: Divin' In

Tonight I went to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert with Bethany Dillon and Sanctus Real at the University of Illinois Assembly Hall. This is probably my 5th SCC concert in 16 years. He's my favorite all-time artist. It was an early birthday present from my husband. I knew every word of every song by SCC except for the ones from the album being released in a couple weeks. That makes it fun...when you can sing along and reminisce. He always does a montage/medley of his most popular songs and it's probably my favorite... I could listen to him go through all of his 45 #1 songs. Bethany and Sanctus Real were also quite good. I knew several of their songs as well, though some I didn't realize were theirs until the song began. I recommending browsing through the music clips on their sites... lots of good stuff.

I thought it was especially cool that his 16-year-old son Will Franklin and his 18-year-old son Caleb Steven were in his band, playing the drums and guitar respectively. I recognized them immediately when the lights came up. It did make me feel a little old, though, since I remember at my first SCC concert back in college 16 years ago that Will Franklin was only a few months old... wow. Time flies.

At our 2nd wedding reception (we had 3), there was a DJ and dancing, and we had a live band for the beginning as well. It was the super-cool praise band from our church, and they did one of our fave SCC songs at the time, Dive. So that song has a bit of nostalgia for me... here's a very poor video clip from last night taken via my Motorola Q. Little bit of crowd participation time...

If you're not familiar with Steven Curtis, check out this link for lots of free listens. Maybe I'll do a top 10 list soon of my faves, but that would be awfully hard.


  1. Ah, memories. Steven Curtis Chapman. Yes, that's another thing we have in common. Thanks, Munch, for RK's concert gift. If my memory serves me well (which it often does not,) the last SCC concert I attended was in Illinois when I was pregnant with Joy -- 18 years ago. Glad you could go!


  2. So cool. I like SCC as well. But admit my all time favorite is Third day!

  3. I like SCC. That was how we told my parents we were adopting, by playing the video for his song--blanking on the name and too lazy to look it up--anyway, I did the ugly cry and couldn't speak, but they got the message!


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