Monday, October 15, 2007

31 for 21: The view from here

So lots of you bloggers have been doing posts with pictures of your offices, desks, or other places where you work/blog. I work at home, and I do have an office in the house, but I don't work there anymore. It's so beyond chaos with paperwork piles that I've just given up and closed the door. Plus, it's easier to just be comfy anyway...and what's more comfy than a big squishy recliner?!

So this is where I sit.

This is what I see in front of me. Note football on TV, baby on the floor, and dog on the chair arm. Very typical.

Here's my mobile office...laptop and PDA phone.

And here's the view out the window to my left. It will be changing drastically this week...stay tuned.

And there you have it... now you know.


  1. What does this mean...? I will be tuned in! karen K

  2. Are you finally going to get rid of that shrub and get your birdbath??

  3. Looks like a comfy place to work to me!

  4. Great pics! It's "Bye-Bye Bush" very soon, right? (And I'm not referring to the Prez.)

    Happy Birthday tomorrow! Enjoy our "creative" gift...

    Pa Beagle

  5. Surprises? Yummy! I can't wait to see the change.


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