Friday, October 19, 2007

31 for 21: Grateful bits

I don't have alot to tell about today... and I have no great insights or thoughts to share. I have alot to say, but it's not appropriate to say it here, so I'm going to focus on some things I'm grateful for.

Just a few, then I'm headed to bed early... These are at the top of my list right now.

~I love my car. I am thankful for having the means to drive something I love so much. I spent many years driving whatever was available, some of them hand-me-downs, and they served well for their time. But I am so thankful that I finally have something I picked out and still really love to get into every time, even 2 years later.

~My daughter is so darn easy! I often say that for being so high maintenance, she's super easy to deal with. She's always happy, content to play on her own for a long time, and she loves to giggle and smile generously. Nothing better.

~I'm thankful for my husband's job and the health insurance it provides. Braska's total bills are well over $300,000 at this time, and I can't fathom trying to do that without insurance, or even without good coverage.

~Having no real work schedule is a marvelous thing! Granted, I may be called on at any time of the day to do something immediately, fixing a system or providing immediate turnaround for a client, but the flexibility of working from home and not having set required hours is such a blessing. I don't think I could ever go back to a "normal" job again. I hope I never have to try. And who lives in comfy clothes and PJs? That would be me...and Braska.

~I'm grateful for friends who aren't afraid to do the tough stuff. Friendship isn't always about the pretty times, and I am so impressed by those who have stepped up and been true friends, not worried about how it looks or how out of their comfort zone they are. You guys rock! "Good friends are willing to intrude."--TobyMac

~And finally, for now... I love my bed. It is so darn comfy, huge, and just makes everything better after a day of stress.

So I'm off...God grant me quickness to sleep and peace of thought through the night.


  1. Sounds like you are wise: "Count your many blessings, name them one by one..."

    It does this old heart good to know my #1 is grateful .. and blessed!

    Sweet dreams!

    Pa Beagle

  2. good friends are hard to find! I like that quote by Toby Mac! I hope you got some good sleep :)

  3. May you have a deep sleep and peace of mind! And a peaceful day tomorrow!
    I too, need to count the things I am grateful for.

  4. Hope you had a restful night. I have been thinking about you so much!


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