Tuesday, October 16, 2007

31 for 21: The Queen

I saw this on Artie's Mom's site, and I think it's great. I hope Braska has a similar story of a great school experience when she's a senior!

Queen of Columbus

COLUMBUS - Jordan Wiggs is the perfect homecoming queen: She's a social butterfly everyone knows and likes. She is spunky, petite and pretty.

Some might say it would take a special environment for Jordan to be voted homecoming queen at Columbus High School.

She was born with Down syndrome, in which an extra chromosome is copied into a fetus' cells and causes developmental delays. (rest of story)

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  1. It is funny, but Grandma Jeannine just mailed that whole article to me two days ago. She was so excited and also mentioned it would be great if Nebraska has this kind of experience in school.


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