Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wii Fit: Day 5

I just finished a quick 25 minutes on the Wii Fit while the girls were asleep.  Did a little Basic Step, Advanced Step, Rhythm Boxing, along with a few other little ones.  Hit a few high scores, which always helps.  Burned 156 calories.  I’ll do more tonight when I’ve got assistance with the girls.  I hear Braska doing her post-nap moan, so she’s waking up now.

The only trouble I’m running into so far is that the response time on the board is not always right on, and I like the rhythm games. This does not make a good mix.  It’s hard to be rhythmic when in order to score well you have to be just OFF rhythm.  Very frustrating.  And I kind of wish you could turn off the competitive elements sometimes, the scores and all the tips on how to score better.  Just makes me nuts when it won’t cooperate with good response time.  I’m doing it but you’re not seeing me to it!  I can stand still and you still register that I’ve done something!!!   It seems to be worse on some games than on others.  M thinks I’m crazy for letting it get to me, but it’s not relaxing and fun to workout like that when it keeps telling me that this or that game is not my “forte.”  Not cool, Wii.

And really…does my Mii NEED to blow up like a balloon every time it does my daily body test?  Does that help anyone get motivated?!?

But overall, in 5 days, I’m liking it.  We’re enjoying doing it each evening together, and I think it’ll be something we can stick with for a while.  While I won’t discuss details and numbers, let’s just say that it’s been all negative (in the positive way) so far. 

If you have particular questions or tips that you like, throw them out here…let’s discuss our Wii Fit experiences.


  1. Is there some where on the Wii that tells you how many calories you burned? or have I totally missed that? LOL

    It irritates me when I'm doing the step and it tells me it was 'ok' instead of 'perfect' and I can't figure why it was one over the other LOL The advanced one gets me all flustered sometimes LOL

    Hula hooping is a good workout! Boxing makes my arms so sore for a few days LOL

    I wish I had more time to do it, but in the mornings (when I'd prefer to do it) Lucas gets in the the time he naps after lunch I'm just not in the mood...and at night after they're in bed is my computer time LOL Not enough hours in the day :)

  2. Some of the problem you could be having might be due to latency. Rhythm games like the Guitar Hero series have built in settings that let you configure the latency for each TV. This is because TV's process the sound and play it differently so the game may not be off, it could be your TV. You might have Munch try hooking the sound portion up to speakers or possibly try another TV to see if that is the problem.

  3. I like it too. The only thing I wish was that th transitions from game to game were shorter because my 30 minute workout takes about 50 minutes because of all the superfluous stuff. I like the obstacle course but I'm not good at it yet. It's fun to jump stuff.

  4. Sounds like your mom and at least one of your sisters could/should make good use of something like this. No need to get one, tho, since the Wii will be in OK most of the year and the sister and mom each in different places :o) Maybe the sis can use yours when she's there...

  5. LOL!! I personally like the balance games. Soccer heading and the penguin on the iceberg game really crack me up. Sometimes I let Matthew stand on the balance board for the penguin game and help him shift his weight. He just giggles and giggles. I love hula hooping (obviously can't do it now though).

  6. Hi RK,

    I just started Wii fit today. Actually, I installed everything and played for a few minutes before I had to head out. I think I will love it. I agree about the ballooning woman. I am glad we are doing it at the same time. I'll let you know more when i figure out more! Keep sharing. By the way, my Wii age dropped about 20 years in 2 days (and I didn't do it yesterday)! Ha ha!

  7. Hi RK,

    I am enjoying it too. I do not need the wii fit board to tell me I am unbalanced. I know that already : ) ! I do love the karate. The boxing was not for me. I did win, but didn't really know what I was doing. The math game where you move your hips is fun. The bike one made me dizzy. But I am loving it overall! Much more to learn!

    How about you? Are you still happy with it?


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