Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BrockChick Journey: One week down

The first seven days are done.  (Actually, the first 8 since I’m late.)  I made it through with no cheats, no slips, and complete compliance.  Woo!  And my results for the first week?!?

11 pounds gone

Woo Hoo!  Granted, that won’t happen every week, but it’s a nice jumpstart for sure.

In the last 4 or 5 days I’ve not been hungry and I actually get full with the meals and snacks, so I haven’t felt like I’m missing anything.  Sure, I’d love a big greasy burger (Yes, I’ve said that before, but I love burgers.  Could be part of the problem!) BUT I don’t have to have one.  I’m not sitting around wringing my hands and watching the clock til I can eat again.  In fact, I’ve had to remind myself to eat when it’s time.  For breakfast, I’ve had trouble getting it all in.  I haven’t been able to finish my oatmeal for a few days.  This morning, I hadn’t had it yet and it was time for my apple.  So not having enough food is not a problem.

I went the entire first week with the exact plan, broccoli and chicken, egg whites, oatmeal, apples. Period. No variety or substitutes.  This week, I went shopping and got some other things to throw into the mix and see how I like a bit of choice.  I worry that it will make it more difficult for me, as when it comes to choices and food, I don’t have a great history of making right ones.  But if all the options I have here are good ones, maybe it’ll work.

This week I have 4 kinds of fish to choose from in the freezer, along with chicken, of course.  For veggies, I’ve got spinach (frozen/cooked and fresh), green beans, broccoli, and cauliflower.  Yesterday I had a spinach salad with tuna on it with a few sprays of the practically-no-calorie spray dressing.  It was great, a nice change, and it filled me up.

It makes a big difference to drink the 2 cups of water first. I’ve found that to be a key factor in keeping the satisfied feeling and not getting to the hungry stage between meals.

If I do want something in between, or especially in the evenings, I have a cup of hot chicken broth, sometimes with some Mrs. Dash seasoning so that it’s like a little soup, or I have some hot, fruity herbal tea.  It’s really taken care of any munchie spots I’ve hit.  Amazing, but true.  Maybe it helped that I’ve been sick and maybe I wouldn’t have felt like eating much anyway, but I’ll take it, either way.  I’m just beginning to feel better, so we’ll see how this week goes.

Here’s to week 2.  Anyone wanna get on the bandwagon now that I’ve survived and have some nice results?!?  Anyone?

Wow, it got quiet all the sudden.


  1. Way to go RK! So is this something you'll do for awhile then ease back into other foods or is this a new plan forever? Just curious. I don't think I could stomach the oatmeal. I think I could handle it if I didn't have to eat it. I wonder how important it is to the plan.

  2. Way to go. How about a veggie burger. Can you have that? I have a recipie for a pretty good one. Send me a email if you want the recipe. It may take me a couple of days but I will get it to you.

  3. Darn right it got quiet! You are doing GREAT but I'd be holding up a bakery at gunpoint by day 2. You're a rockstar.

    I think of you whenever I crack open a jar of chicken & broccoli for pudge. (it's a bit of a sad thought, since it smells AWFUL). last night she had some and we called it her RK cocktail.

    Doing great! Way to GO! Tell that doctor to clear a wall for some hall of fame photos...

  4. wow! congrats on the great wk 1 results... and I'm very impressed you've stuck to that breakfast... oatmeal w/o br. sugar and eggs w/o yolks is just, well, healthy :)

  5. WOO HOO! Way to go. Keep up the great work.

  6. 11 lbs! Wow!!! You've beaten my record. When I first started my adventure 6 months ago I lost 7 lbs. in the first week. It will likely taper off in the coming weeks, but don't get discouraged. Keep up the good work.


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