Thursday, January 21, 2010

Miserable, but I can’t even whine!

Today has been a totally different day than the ones previous in this BrocChick journey. I’m totally drained.  Is it because of carb-withdrawal that my body is experiencing?  Is it due to whatever is causing me to cough and be completely voice-less?  Who knows.  The combination sure is making we want to be left alone. Completely alone. Just to rest and sip chicken broth. But that’s not to be.

M’s feeling some better this evening.  Braska is about the same.  Kinlee seems to be getting a bit of a fever, but her hives are improving.  She napped almost 3 hours, thanks to Benadryl, and she seems to be feeling ok.

I had a moment today where I just wanted a big plate of overloaded nachos: thick crispy chips, chicken, guac, tomatoes, beans, salsa, sour cream, lots and lots of cheese…the works.  But I’m ok now.  I think.  We don’t have any of this in the house, and M is gone with the car at present, so I’m safe.

In fairness to Melanie and Julie, who are being faithful, I have to say that M is not following the diet.  He was willing to do so in my presence, to not cause me to fix other food while not being able to eat it.  But honestly, he can’t even manage to eat anything on the diet except for the apple. So this isn’t slamming him, but for the girls’ sake, I had to clarify.  He’s ok with that.

Today Braska missed school, M missed work, I missed MOPS, and tonight I missed Bible study.  This is not my favorite kind of day.  This IS the kind of day that would normally have me at the fridge all day long, just eating from frustration.  But I’ve survived, and for that I’m glad!

Oh, and no details yet, but the numbers are already working in my favor, according to Wii Fit.  More later when there’s more (er… I guess, LESS) to report.

Somebody, preferably someone whose Mii does not balloon to unrecognizable, have some nachos for me tonight, please!!!


  1. I'm so sorry y'all are feeling so crummy! I am praying that you are all feeling better soon!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was just thinking of you yesterday and that I needed to come catch up.


  2. The Grammyphone is turned on, in case you need it :o)

  3. Good luck, girl. Hope everyone feels better soon. BTW-love the profile pic with the girls-cute, cute!


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