Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Full!! (and other important topics)

The good news is that after the 2 cups of water, 2 egg whites (separated post boiling and shelling) and the oatmeal (which I couldn’t quite finish), I couldn’t hardly touch my 1 cup of milk.  So it’s going to have to wait a little bit.  I figure that’s a good sign that I’m filling up on what’s prescribed.  Right??

It’s been a challenging morning, Braska went to bed a little iffy last night and woke up even more iffy.  She quickly melted into a puddle of floppy, fussy, goo, and we just returned from the doctor’s office a bit ago. (More on that on her blog, if you’re interested.)  So of course it was almost 11 am before I even thought about my breakfast.  And it’s a “rule” of the deal to get all the food in; I suppose that’s because it’s not a whole lot to start with. I’ll space it out and get it in somehow.  Maybe I’ll take an apple on the way to get M for lunch, then I can eat the actual lunch after we take him back.  That might work.

Pardon me talking myself through plans while I type…

It frustrates me so much that Braska is sick again.  This is just ridiculous, as far as I’m concerned.  I know alot of you have been through way more and way worse, but for us, this is a whole heck of a lot of sickness…all but about 10 days since Thanksgiving.   It might be the control freak in me, but that is just plain unacceptable!!

So I’m pondering what to do.  Dr. A said this morning there’s nothing we can do.  That she’s working through the viruses and gaining immunity to them, so it’s a necessary process.  I don’t know.  I get that whole immunity building thing, but it’s still frustrating.  Do we have to tackle all of them right now?!?

Maybe I’ll keep her home on “big class” days and let her go on “little class” days, having less exposure since there are only half the kids on those days and more one-on-one work time anyway.  I don’t know.  She loves school so much, I hate to do that to her.  But I know that I will not keep my sanity if we keep running into this junk every other week! Braska has her hands in her mouth A LOT.  We constantly work on it, we remind her and she listens for about 10 seconds, then it’s back in with the fingers.  I know that’s a big strike against us, because it’s impossible for her not to catch everything when she’s touching everything at school and then putting this little cute stubby fingers right back in her mouth. And you know Kinlee’s going to be next…there’s probably no stopping that.

Braska gets her nutrition from Pediasure, it’s a complete package so she should be covered with all vitamins and such.  She also gets a multivitamin, which her nutritionist says is not really necessary unless she doesn’t get all her ounces in each day, but we do it regularly just to be sure.  And the extra vitamin D is good.

In the overall scheme of things, I get that this isn’t life-shattering, but it definitely disturbs the flow of life in our house, so that’s enough to make me a bit grouchy about it.  And when I’m grouchy, I eat…but I can’t.  So I’ll have an extra cup of chicken broth.   That’ll make it all better, I just know it! It probably would be good since I’ve had a sore throat for a couple days and today I have almost no voice at all…unless you’re into the very raspy and strangely low female voice that cuts in and out frequently. 

We’ll make it. Eating broccoli, drinking chicken broth, and resting at home.  Virus be gone!


  1. You might consider giving her extra vitamin C. I have always boosted my kids C intake during cold and flu season and it seems to help ward off the bugs. I am so thankful that Laynee was rarely sick. She had a rare cold and never had any sort of stomach virus, but then she was either home with me or with one of two sitters who had no kids.
    Don't worry, the constant sickness will pass. It's frustrating, I know, but it will pass. And then it will start all over with Kinlee......hehehehe

  2. You are doing great. Hang in there. Hope Braska gets better soon.

  3. As you may recall, Georgia spent most of last winter sick. Sick sick sick! It was awful and frustrating and terrible and all the other adjectives that mean bad. And boring. And frustrating. So I understand.

    For Georgia a couple things worked. I don't think this one is for everyone, but when G had her adenoids out it made a HUGE difference. She has not had a sinus infection since prior to their removal. I wouldn't just up and have surgery of course, she also has mild apnea and the sinus infections were chronic, so there were reasons, but I DO know that helped. It also helped her eat better/more variety.

    The other thing we started doing on the advice of Dr. Capone at Kennedy Krieger is that we started her on a zinc supplement for immune system. She has been SO much more healthy since those two things. She has gotten little colds here and there (this fall), but they did not get terrible and she did not get the infection. She has been in school a month and today is her first day out of school (stomach bug), which I am MAJORLY surprised by.

    Now, this could be in large part because she has built up an immunity of course, but you might want to try zinc. ?? We do a liquid, so it'd be easy enough to use.

    Good luck. Hope all are better by now!


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