Monday, January 25, 2010

When do you blog??

Blog traffic has been way down lately. Not like in the last week, but over the last 3 months or so. I've heard that many bloggers have noticed the same. So here's the question, to those of you still around....

When do you blog (either posting or reading)? Weekdays only, evenings, all day, twice a week, weekends?

I'm curious. Do share. And all you who lurk ("Lurk" sounds negative, but I consider it flattering that you come here, even if you don't comment) pop out for a minute and share with us. (Remember, you just click on "Comments" or "Post a comment" then on the right side you choose "Name/URL" and enter whatever name you'd like to use, then your comment. No URL needed. Give it a try!)

And you other bloggers, what do you think is causing the lighter traffic?? Is it the dreaded Facebook!?!?


  1. I check my reader at different times throughout the day. I love when there are new posts, although I have found that I comment less now that I use reader. I also check the blogs less on the weekends than I do during the week. As far as when do I post...Well, I know there are only a few people who check my blog and so I usually just post when I have something with pictures that I want to share with those people. To be honest, I am a big user of facebook and would probably not blog at all if I knew that the people who look at my blog were on FB, mainly family members of an older generation. Not because I don't like blogging or because I don't enjoy other's blogs. Because I do! I look forward to your and many other blogger's posts every day! I would probably switch completely to FB, just because I have never been a very regular blogger, only posting a couple times a month. With using it that little, I think it would be more efficient for how I use it. So there you have it. Don't stop blogging, I look forward to all of your family blogs:o)

  2. I don't have a routine with blogging... if a worthy subject comes up and I have a moment I'll sit down and write about it.

    I don't follow as many blogs as I used to because it was not a good use of my time... so I've narrowed the field quite a bit. I comment less often than before because, again I usually don't want to take the time... doesn't mean that I don't read them (I usually read them on my reader...)

    I've never kept track of my traffic... I do have a ticker, but I don't pay attention to it very much. I will say that I'm more of a facebooker these days, cuz I can check on a good base of people I care about and it's easier for me to write a status than it is a blog post.

  3. I tend to blog more during the winter months because my in-laws are snowbirds and it's the best way for them to keep up with what's going on with Miss Lily. I post a lot more videos and stuff that's probably boring to anyone but I know that I used to be on a LOT when Lily was first born. Now the same moms that I communicated with on BBC are now my Facebook friends. The back and forth communication is so much easier on FB. I know you told me you were staying away...but come to the dark I love it!! I would say that, yes, FB probably has something to do with it!

  4. I think it's facebook. I noticed a big difference in the past several months as well, and when people are missing, I can usually find them on fb.

  5. From a Grandma's perspective, I love the blogs. :) Course, I just enjoy them, I don't have to post nor do I often comment. I figure you young moms are much more interested in what your peers have to say. I do think it's a much better history keeper than fb is but I also enjoy fb as well for keeping up with multiple friends. So blog away, I'll always be lurking in the shadows. :)

  6. i blog very sporadically. and haven't been doing it a whole lot lately. just have a lot going on right now.

  7. I mostly blame Facebook on the lack of comments and my motivation to blog. It's hard to find time to write a decent blog (I wimp out and usually just post photos) so I just leave short fb comments all day instead. I love blogging for the family history aspect and really want to keep it going for that. I have noticed that people that were once very active bloggers are now very active fb'ers.

    Oh, and I read them as they show up on my blogroll, but often have to go back to comment at a later time.

  8. I guess I qualify as one of those dreaded "lurkers" since I have been following you and yours for a long time but I seldom post. I must admit, I love the email delivery of your blog, so I don't always come to the actual blog site. It's quick and easy, and I can "lurk" from the comfort of my inbox.

  9. I think FB has a lot to do with it too.

    I'm just finding I don't have as much time as I used to for commenting etc...maybe I read too many blogs :) I try to read through my bloglines every day, by the time I'm done that I don't have time to comment.

    I try to do some blogging/commenting when Lucas is napping (like now) and after the kids are in bed.

  10. Oh, I'm completely an FB addict. I get surprised when I finally get to my Google Reader and see that I'm 5 days behind! Then I don't comment so much because I'm trying to catch up on reading! Going to the gym 3 hours a day has also cut into my time. I think up great blog posts when I'm swimming laps, but never get around to writing them!

  11. I agree... it's facebook! I am SO far behind on my reader right now because of it! UGH!!! I feel badly that I'm ignoring everyone! LOL

  12. I'm a Nana like someone else here posted! I, too, think mother's would rather hear from peers than nanas, grin.

    I think lower numbers and comments are due the instant gratification, and speed, folks receive from FB! Seems like it must be addicting. (My MIL even has an account!!!)

    My daughter has a blog and feels it is more for our family and herself and doesn't care so much if anyone else visits. It's a place to share news (like Piper's upcoming gall bladder surgery) and document Piper growing up with her friends and family.

    Keep bloggin' and smilin' and my very best wishes!

    Piper's Nana, Robbie :)


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