Thursday, January 7, 2010

SD Snow Day

Ha, just noticed that SD could stand for “snow day” but it doesn’t.  Funny.  Maybe only to me after the evening I had.

It was a good day, even though it was bitterly cold and very windy, making for fun driving as we took M to work at his late start time of 10 am today.  It’s nice that the county lets them start late like that sometimes on these rough days.  The whole county government just comes in 2 hours late.  Nice. 

After we dropped him off, since we were out anyway, we headed to “jack-sins-house” where Jack and his siblings were loving the snow day, and Julie and I weren’t sad about it either.  The little kids played and Madelyn, after great prodding, made some yummy bars for us to enjoy. 

We spent the whole day, the whole day, there.  I got it in my head that I was going to make fun ringtones for their new phones, since I figured out how to do it, clipping mp3’s and formatting them so the phone would see them as ringtones.  Some phones are easier to work with than others.  Mine is ok, Madelyn’s is very easy, and Julie’s is downright impossible.  But I was so darn determined to outsmart that thing! 

I realized after I got home how many hours I’d spent on that thing.  I am competitive by nature, to a fault sometimes.  And the fact that I couldn’t figure this thing out, with manual present and with Google at hand… it just drove me crazy.  (Julie…you have to just tell me to get a life and give it up sometimes!)

Though I’m a geek about some of this kind of technology/phone stuff, not everyone is, and I kind of took up the whole day with fiddling with the microSD cards from the phones, reformatting, resetting, and researching on cell phone forums and tip pages.  Julie kept telling me we should just throw it out the window, but I was just too stubborn to let the thing win. 

I finally did give up, threw in the towel, and brought the kids home.  I fumed all the way (it’s 1/2 mile) and it’s been bugging me all night. So maybe I’ll do a little more research before bed.  I kept telling her that if I was this determined in other things, I could have a much better life in some ways.  It’s weird the way my brain works and what it gets stuck on.  Silly, really. Get a grip, RK!

In the midst of all this, which was really just trying to get a 16-second clip loaded as Julie’s ringtone, we did have a good time hanging out…at least I did.  Next snow day we’ll be sure to put our feet up and relax with a silly movie or something more peaceful.  If nothing else, Madelyn has a ringtone that makes her all giddy with happy smiles and excited to make people call her to hear it.  That’s cool.

There’s something very neat about spending the day, kids in the PJs, us doing “nothing,” hanging out a friend’s house just because.  Even with the phone/SD card battle, I count it a pretty good day.


  1. persistence is good! (although I lean that way myself, and I know, sometimes it's too much energy.)

    So. A) did you figure it out? and B)what are the ringtones? songs?

  2. I'm soooo giggling here! Sorry about the frustrating phone - but it's PINK and cute! We'll get it, eventually. It was a fun day for me too and I know the kids had a good time too.

  3. That can be good, but it can also occasionally be fruitlessly time consuming. Unfortunately for you, you inherited that trait from your MOM :o)


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