Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sweet sleep

After two hard battles to get the girls to sleep last night, they did sleep pretty well, and Mom covered the middle-of-the-night issue with Kinlee, so I got a good (other than the coughing fits) night's sleep.

I have come to the decision that we need to give the girls, and myself, time to truly heal, so we're going to be quarantined, sort of. No school, no kid events, and little people interaction for at least another week. I really want Braska to be able to get better and give her body a chance to really be back to fighting things off as much as her "norm" would be before we send her back to the germ factory.

Here's to healing and spring coming soon!!


  1. hope you all get over this quickly. coughing at night stinks... here's another mommy tip (and it does work, it sounds weird though...) put vics vapo-rub on your feet (or the girls) and then cover them with socks - it stops the cough... I don't know why, but it does.

  2. Go for the Vicks-on-the-feet treatment! Hope you all improve soon!

  3. Hope you are all feeling better soon!


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