Monday, May 4, 2009

Not a toy

All is well, no one is injured. But hopefully lessons have been learned.

Braska's into climbing everything lately. Tonight, this looked like a challenge, apparently. Guess who won...


  1. oh no! glad she's ok. that's how kids learn i guess!

  2. Oh! I'm glad she's ok, too. I know as a mom how your heart just stops when you realize what's happening.

  3. It looks like a toy. In fact it looks like a bouncy toy. But...

  4. Yikes! Just read the post above and glad to hear she is ok and not even a bump on her!

    We used to say that Kayla had a high tolerance for pain too as things just didn't seem to bother her like they did other kids. And if she did cry over something it was over with in seconds. I think I remember reading somewhere that there is some coorelation between Ds and having a high pain threshold, but I don't remember exactly where I read that or what the connection was.

  5. OMGosh...Melana is 21mo old and very mobile, she has been going up the stairs for months on end now....but the other day, she fell down at least 8 of the 15 stairs in my house. I heard it happening, ran to stop her and she freaked out! SHE has NO pain tolerance and screamed for at least 30-45min. NO damage was done, she is fine, not a mark on her, but my gosh is that not the scariest thing EVER!

    Glad Braska is ok.


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