Friday, May 15, 2009

T minus 28 hours and counting

It's absolute chaos and overscheduling around here. My sister Rachel's wedding is tomorrow afternoon, and though she is WAY organized and started planning in earnest 9 months ago, there are always the last minute things. It is going to be a very impressive couple of days and I think they will enjoy it...and that's really all that matters. Today is rehearsal and then dinner, tomorrow morning starts early with hair and pictures and ceremony, then more pictures then the reception tomorrow evening. It's going to be quite the party, let me tell ya.

Braska is one of the flower girls, and she'll be walking down the aisle with the assistance of two of her aunties. She has a little mini-bride dress with a huge sash and bow that matches the bridesmaids. You KNOW there will be pictures, never fear. I'm not in the wedding, but I've been able to meet the wedding party and attend a few events, like last night's pedicure/manicure party at Rachel's favorite salon. She's a very good customer, so they were very good to us. Patrick's family is all coming today from Boston and the families will meet at rehearsal tonight.

There's lots of stress, a few ulcers, loads of prayers for smooth going, and I think all involved are ready for it to get here and be over. Simply to relax once again.

I'm doing the wedding music CD currently, the prelude music, traditional ceremony songs, and post ceremony music as they dismiss the guests. Then I have some alterations to do to my outfit...which was just finalized yesterday. Don't even get me started on that frustration. We have a trip to WalMart to make last minute then I need to dig a path through my house so we can manage to get ready tonight and for my in-laws to come and watch the girls during the rehearsal dinner downtown.

I'm so ready for Sunday. I just hope they have the event they hoped for. Then everyone can relax...though only two of us are going to Mexico to relax on the beach. I'm not one of them, darn it.


  1. breathe...BREATHE! haha. i can't wait to see pics of braska in the mini bride dress. tomorrow will be fun. the day right before is always hectic...but then the day comes and it zips by. i wish we had a good wedding to go to. i love weddings. well i love wedding receptions. free food, free drinks, and dancing. well i suppose technically it's not free since you have to bring a gift. bummer. lol. but anyways, looking forward to the pics!

  2. saw your mom yesterday (long story, sure you'll hear it sometime, in Jeff city) and she told me this was the weekend - it totally snuck up on me! I will be praying for calmed nerves and an "uneventful" wedding (is that an oxymoron?) Have fun and make sure everyone's camera batteries are charged! :0) And of course send Rachel our best wishes!

  3. all the anxiety of weddings!!!! i am sure it will turn out great!! have fun and cant wait to see the pictures of braska!

  4. THIS is why I eloped.

    Can't wait to see all you pretty ladies in your formal wear...

    Enjoy a little champagne for me!


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