Sunday, May 24, 2009

The United Tour

Way back on 4/25, my sister-in-law Skye and I went to see Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman in concert. As most of you know, SCC is my favorite artist of any kind and any time. I've been to lots of his shows...I had a number, but now I can't remember. It's weird that Caleb, his son, is playing guitar in his band, and his son, Will Franklin, also plays drums with SCC now that he's graduated from high school. I remember when I saw a show in college and Will Franklin was turning 2 that day. Wow... that's forever ago, yet somehow I remember it well.

And some of you will remember this and this from a year ago this week when SCC's daughter Maria was killed in their driveway accidentally when she was hit by the car her brother Will was driving. This week Mary Beth, Steven's wife and Maria's mother, wrote on her blog a few times about how they're walking through this month of both Maria's birthday and the anniversary of her death. My favorite posts are here and here. They're worth a read, and that means alot coming from me. The concert audience was definitely emotional, as was SCC understandably, when he played "Cinderella," written for his daughters.

While he was singing "Cinderella," a dad in about the 5th row on the floor stepped out into the aisle with his little girl, maybe 7 years old, and they danced through the whole song. It was really moving. She just twirled and hugged him, and it obviously will be a memory for her forever.

Anyway, The United Tour was such a hit with these two super powers teamed up last fall that they added another "leg" to the tour this spring, and I was thrilled to find out they were going to be just a few miles down the road from us out here in St. Charles County. M occasionally does some side work for individuals who need help with their computers, and he was kind enough to give me some of that income specifically for a ticket since he knew I wanted to go. His only stipulation was that he would NOT be going with me. He's been to many a concert with me, but he wasn't up for this one, and that was ok. I found out Skye was interested and the plans were made and tickets purchased.
Wow... officially my least favorite pic ever to be posted on one of my blogs...but Skye's cute enough to cover for me a little bit. :)

The guys did some songs separately, they sang each other's songs--which was way fun for us who know all of both of their stuff-- and they did some awesome worship times together.

This is SCC.

This is MWS in the middle, SCC on the right, and Geoff Moore on the left. He made a quick appearance, which was cool. He's SCC's best friend for years and years, co-writer on several songs, and he was one of my other fave artists back in the 90s in his own right.

It was a great show, and even though we were in the LAST/TOP row in our section, the seats were great, too. I could have stayed for at least another 3 hours easily. When they've been making music, earning Doves, Grammys, and charting #1's for close to 20 years, it's hard to compile it all in 3 hours, as you can imagine.

Here's a few clips of the concert... it's always hard to get the feeling for it on such a poor recording, but still... good stuff.


  1. Did the picture the bystander took not work out well?

  2. I miss going to concerts! Every time I think of SCC I think about the Sadle up your horse song...I don't know why.


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