Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long (working) weekend

M was in C-U this weekend for a boatload of gaming. That left me at home with the two girls, and that wasn't going to fly, at least if we were all to maintain our quality of life and a scrap of sanity..  I planned to let the girls go to Grammy's for the weekend so I could knock out a bunch of WAY overdue jobs around the house...some just plain inexcusably neglected.  But I decided to have Mom and Ryan come up to help me with some of the more "manual labor" tasks for a couple days instead. 

They took care of painting the yucky brown doors and trim.
mompaint  ryanpaint hallpaintmidhallpaintafter 

Ryan also cleaned off the deck and the deck furniture and cushions. 

He cleaned the grill, set up the hammock, and pulled a bunch of who knows what out from under the deck that had been there since before we moved in. 

On Sunday, they managed to get the kitchen wall (where we had removed paneling last year) patched, primed, and painted.  They got alot done! 

Braska went home with Grammy and Uncle Ryan to visit for a bit so I could theoretically get more work done around the house with only one child.  But apparently, Braska keeps her sister occupied more than I realized.  Kinlee's been massively clingy, and I'm not getting anything done at all.  It's frustrating, but I don't know what the answer is.  At this point, I can't foresee ever getting this house in order, (at least not for the next year!), and that's really causing me alot of stress right now. 

I don't know how you guys do it!! How in the heck do you manage kids, cook meals, keep the house, AND put up witty, informational blog posts?!?

I used to be so with it...


  1. like you experienced this week - I too have family that helps out when I get in a real pinch! but for the day-to-day stuff you just get into a routine. the hardest ages to handle together are the infant and toddler stages combined. they just require so much attention and redirection and safety and teaching and training and cleaning (ok, I'll quit). the bigger kids help me tremendously with the smaller guys!

  2. I'm on the questioning side of advice here...and I only have one squirt to juggle. I have already confessed to you my DVRing of the PBS lineup for emergency back up. I can also recommend luring the 12 year old from next door over with rice krispies treats...

  3. I definitely forego the witty, informational blog posts. :) And that other stuff doesn't really get "done" either. But these days will be gone before we know it!

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself. Your house always looks great to me! And the important thing is you're busy being mom to 2 amazing little ladies - nothing is more important than that! And you have a whole house full of babysitters a few streets over - call me when you get desperate!

  5. I hear ya loud and clear. Thank goodness for helpful family members. We'll be in town next Tues for a 1:40 eye dr. appt. See you then?

  6. Don't be so hard on yourself! Some of my fave posts of yours have been since K was born! THere are ebbs and flows in this first year--as with life! Sometimes I am able to do more and sometimes MUCH less--like, nothing. So much depends on the whims of my children. You are a type A personality so it drives you nuts, and I so get that...but let the dust balls fly, girl! You're doing great even when it doesn't feel like it. And everyone who seems to have it all together is either lying or seriously neglecting SOMETHING. They have to be.

  7. You just survive...that is how you do it. Don't worry, your kids would rather have you than a perfectly clean house!


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