Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My super tough cookie

We saw the pediatrician this morning after talking to the on-call doc last night after Braska's adventure down the stairs. She's got not one bruise, no marks from that at all. (Though she did scrape her leg with a toy later last night...but not a peep from her.) She has an almost unfathomable high tolerance for pain. It's really bizarre to watch. She can stand up under something that's shorter than she is and bonk her head only to sit down and move on. Most kids we know do the same and scream for minutes on end. As she's getting more mobile and toddler-esque, she pulls things down on her, throws books in the air only to have them land on her, and of course she falls over when working on walking and such. But never a cry at all. She often doesn't cry during blood draws or shots, when they're done right, of course.

She scared herself in the action last night, but cried for less than a minute, way less. She was back up crawling and playing in no time. We decided just to be safe we'd take her in, but after talking to the on-call doctor, we decided she could just go in this morning for a once over. We performed our own neurological tests on her...she showed off her counting from 1-10 without prompting, and she knew her name and her age. All good signs.

I am concerned about the whole AAI issue that so many of you also think about. So we're taking her down to Children's today for an x-ray just to be sure that there were no unseen issues, and to see if she has any indicators of AAI (not related to the fall). I am still so very thankful that she's ok.


  1. Oh goodness, glad she's okay. We have stairs like that and even though there is a gate at the top right now, I still fear a fall from someone. Take care!

  2. ugggh....I think about AAI all the time! LOVED your "freakishly tough" description...boy, you're not KIDDING! How long did it take to get YOUR heart rate under control. I would have required the medical attention, I'm thinking. Kisses to your crew...I'm off to console the Princess of Spew...

  3. Oh good grief, that's enough to scare a parent! I'm so glad she's okay!!

  4. I'm thankful too. Kids can sure scare the you-know-what out of us.

  5. oh my...i am so glad braska is okay. so scary!! you know...henry has a high pain tolerance, too. actually, i've heard a lot of kids with ds have a high pain tolerance...hmmm...wonder if it is a "trait." and you're right i wonder if henry will have aai. i have to get him tested sooner rather than later so he can do hippotherapy. i feel like that is our last medical hurdle. i hope all goes well with your visit and braska is in the clear of aai.


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