Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Studying to Be an RKologist - *New and Improved*

I found out the old quiz made you sign up to participate and that's not cool. Here is a new and improved version. Sorry, Jessie, you'll have to take it again. :)

Are you an RKologist or have you dreamed of being one? Take the quiz to find out!
RKology Quiz


  1. wow, i've been reading your blog for almost 2 yrs and i really bombed that!!! low retention?

  2. i only got a 50, BUTTTTTTTTT I rounded UP instead of down on the number of years blogging (oops) and when I said no to prenatal diagnosis it gave me the answer AFTER no which was blank as correct?? So which is it? No, right? :) Fun anyway.

  3. I did pretty good! I should have stuck with my gut on a few of those questions (like the states lived in one and the first business one)... and Tricia's right, that last question is tricky! :0)

  4. Hum I only scored 60% the first time around... But I hit 90% the second time! That was WAY too easy the second time around!

  5. Not bad for someone who doesn't know everything about you. I didn't realize you came from a rather large family. That was fun.


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