Monday, September 15, 2008

What did you do all day?

Program note: Thanks to you all for your comments on the Taking a Stand: Part 1. I appreciate that they were civil and generally respectful. Part 2 will be along soon, just to kind of summarize some of my thoughts on the discussion.

In alot of TV shows or jokes, and maybe for real, the husband walks into the house at the end of his work day and looks at the frazzled housewife with the kids running around her and says, "Gosh, what did you do all day? It's a mess in here!" I really hope that doesn't actually happen, but who knows. Thank goodness I don't have that in my house. It's a blessing sometimes that my husband really doesn't care too much about the state of the neatness of the house. But it also allows me to get slack. I've not felt well the last week or so, just aches and pains that I can't explain, so we're not much ahead of where we were at move-in a few weeks ago. Thank goodness for the basement storage area, for sure.

Today, though, Braska got up at about 8am and I brought her into my room after M had gone to work, because she likes to play in the covers and be silly in the morning while I'm trying to wake up. This time she decided it was so darn comfy that she'd go back to sleep, so I joined her. It was very nice that we didn't have anywhere to be today, so we could take advantage of the extra sleep. We got up just before 10!! That NEVER happens. She's usually up for her morning playtime by 7:45am at the latest. I needed the sleep badly, so it was wonderful.

When we got up, I felt pretty good, and after breakfast, we jumped into getting the house together. First it was the living room. It's the easiest to do because it has the least stuff in it and has been kept up the best. But it is still nice when everything is in it's place. (At least it's current place...there will no doubt be alot of changes still to come.) And remember, there's no decorating here, just functionality and the ability to live within this set-up. We're doing well adjusting to the tiny spaces, but I haven't even thought about decorating yet. So plain is the way for now. This is the view from the hall on the left, and the view from behind the recliner on the right.

Then we attacked Braska's room. It was looking pretty scary having not been dealt with since we moved in. We could do what we had to but that was it. Things are not perfect, but they're much better. Again, decorating is nonexistent right now, but she isn't picky, and I don't have the energy to worry about it til who knows when. The view from the doorway, then the dressing area (closet doors removed for a bit more openness, still lots of work to be done in the closet--can't believe I'm posting pics before I coordinate her hanging clothes in categories like usual), and finally the crib and books/toys corner. She LOVES the book and toy shelves. Emptied them out at least 4 times today.

The bathroom also got a cleaning before it was time for lunch when M came home. After he went back to work, we attacked the kitchen/eating corner. By that time, I was getting sore and having trouble taking steps (weird low back and hip nerve issues going on) so it was time for some feet-up in the recliner while Braska napped. Tonight after dinner, I got all the laundry FINALLY put away in our bedroom and the floor cleared. The room has like less than 2 feet on the sides to walk around the bed, so we really can't afford junk on the floor. No pics of that one though...just forgot. Maybe another time. Pepino's room is the only one on the main floor that didn't get dealt with. It's a much bigger job, so it'll wait for now.

The other thing I did lately that I was pleased about was making dessert on Saturday night. We went to some friends' house for dinner and I took dessert. I did the dump cake recipe that I saw on Motherhood Unscripted and it was yummy. Way simple!! I've had this before, but didn't realize how easy it was to do. M says I should stop telling people how easy it is to do and just accept the praise for the goodies. Maybe so...

Here's the before (before baking, that is), and the after, when it was cooling.

I'm so serious....go pick up the 3 simple items you need (besides butter which you probably have in the fridge) and make this. You'll be SO glad you did.

What did YOU do all day?


  1. Holy Moly! You accomplished a lot! You make me look absolutely lazy :)

  2. sounds like you had a busy day, but don't you loves days like this! well at least when your all done. i hate cleaning, but you feel like you've accompolished a triathlon when your done. i love when my house is all clean.

  3. I love dump cake - with lots of nuts on top too cause I'm nutty that way. I had the weird back pain, nerve thing with one of my kiddos - it didn't last the whole pregnancy and hope that will be the case for you too! Everything looks great!

  4. I wish I accomplished a QUARTER of what you did! We were sick and lazy all day.

  5. Well today, I pretty much have cleaned up a lot of poopy, huh??

  6. Wow, things look great, Honey! Greg came this morning to put in my new SS sink and faucet. While he was here, the old plumber came to replace a cheap shutoff valve he had put on my pressure tank with a good one I requested, since the cheap one had started to leak. I cleaned up Joy's room to prepare for a 12-year-old guest we'll have for 2 days, picked up the rest of the house, did 2 loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen when Greg was done, caught up on my email, made calls about replacing a car part the dogs tore up when they went after a baby rabbit hiding underneath, fixed dinner, then we did our Bible reading after our guest arrived. Now I'm supposed to be working on my lesson for tomorrow night, while the girls watch Milo and Otis, but I got side-tracked checking your blog :o) I'm glad I did. Jessie's evaluation of your pain is probably very accurate. I remember...:o)

  7. RK that dump cake rocked. Sarah will love to see the link. She asked me to get the 3 things so we could bring it to her clinic's picnick! (Yeah we really did like it).

    Thanks for eating a clove of garlic! All in the name of friends... :-)


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