Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alright, you win

That is, IF you chose the following option...

I'll give you the run down of the appointment today, but for now, we'll hold the name. And by the way, it's easy for my MOM to say to hold the name... she already knows it!

So the tech did all her stuff, getting views of the kidneys, legs, arms, measuring all the appropriate bones, and trying to see the heart. Of course, no kid of mine is going to be cooperative in utero. (Braska never did give up good views of anything. But since she's so compliant now, I'm ok with that.) The tech was trying to get heart views and abdominal views to see where the cord connects, since that's important. Pepino was not moving one arm, so it was kind of across where they needed to see the heart. Hence the return in 4 weeks... to get better views of the heart specifically.

We were trying to follow along, and I did recognize the humerus, the femur, the cranium, the kidneys, and a few other items. It's neat to actually know what you're looking at. Then there was just blurry stuff. The tech was seemingly aiming for something, but I couldn't tell what. Then she said...

"Well, I think it's a girl. It's not a great view, but it sure looks more like bumps than boy parts."

M is not satisfied with such a vague comment. With Braska, we were told that the doc thought "it's 99% sure" that she's a girl. But until we got that super clear view at 30 weeks, he wasn't having any of the pink buying and such. So again, he's ok with what we've heard (We have both been hoping for another girl) but he's not banking on it just yet. It's good that we get to look again in 4 weeks...that's doable, as far as a wait goes.

I think it's a girl. I've been calling her by our girl's name for a while, and praying for her with that name. Occasionally I throw a disclaimer in the prayer each night, like "We'll take a boy too, we just would prefer a girl. But you know what's best, so we'll take whatever you give us." I think God laughs at me alot... like I think I'm telling him stuff he doesn't already know, or like I'm giving him *permission* to give us a boy. I'm silly that way. That's ok. It's good for me to remember who's boss!

So Jessie...still got any of those clothes around? And Carole, my favorite mother-in-law, you'll have to keep hoping that the tech is wrong so that I can be shown how boys are better. Ha...I can't believe that for a minute.

Oh, and it's still Pepino. Not Pepina. I know it's not grammatically correct, but tough. It's our tummy baby, we can call it what we want!

More on the real name(s) in 4 weeks... thanks for playing!


  1. Congratulations on your *PROBABLY* a girl! Either way - glad everything's looking good so far (as well as can be seen).

    Can't wait to hear the name!!

  2. boy do I have clothes RK, I'll keep piling them up for you!

  3. Just a quick note, although I adore girl grandbabies.

    Boys run like crazy, have a good time, get stinking dirty, and wear the same jeans for about ten days in a row.

    Girls cry, whine, think their best friend likes someone else, giggle in high pitched tones, and change clothes every three minutes.

    That's a lot of laundry.

  4. hahahahA! I used to do the same thing about our little guy when I was "talking" to him. I KNEW it was a boy, but would make disclaimers about if he was a girl! I was a little sad...or scared even when I found out it was a boy (although I am ecstatic now) because I also thought it would be cool to have a gaggle of girls (and I have all sisters), but I think we'll both be happy with whatever we get! :) I'm still nervous about a boy, but being this far along now, I am mostly SO HAPPY!

    And we're keeping the name secret from everyone. Just like we did with Georgia! :)

  5. I wouldn't be rushing out to buy pink stuff with that vague comment either LOL She didn't sound quite sure and since it wasn't a good view...hopefully in 4 wks it'll be a better view, and more developed :)

    Your MIL sounds like MIL! She SO wanted a boy when I was pg w/Kayla (and we didn't find out the gender so it killed her to not know!) and then this time I know she really, really was hoping for a boy (even though she insisted she didn't care!) and it bugged her even more that we didn't find out again! LOL At least you're finding out and not making your MIL actually wait until birth! Ha!

  6. ahhhhh....yah a little girl! of course i could have sworn henry was going to be a girl...and well you know how that ended up!

  7. hehe, you're so cute!! And I'm so glad for you that you're having another girl - probably - if that was what you wanted! God is good :c)
    Can you post pictures of your tummy??? I love to see my friends' pregnant tummies!! I find it so so exciting...

  8. PS - boys are ok too, y'know! I got 3 of 'em, and I'm exhausted, but wouldnt' change any of them for the world! They are delicious, and cuddly, and straightforward, and bouncy, and yukky, and so much fun!!!


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