Friday, September 5, 2008

Pictorial snack to hold you over

No, I haven't forgotten about the post I promised...I've been debating it, trying to formulate my preface for the link, and honestly wondering if it would do any good. No, it's not about voting or candidates, at least not directly, I suppose. Anyway.....

I'm on my way out of town in 20 mins to see some friends for the weekend. We'll get to see a few, actually, the ones who are the actual destination, and a few others who just happen to be nearby this weekend. We'll be making our first appearance at a DS "meet-up" with a bunch of bloggers/forum buddies, most of whom I don't actually know at all, 2 of whom are my buds from C-U (yay!), and two of whom are new buds from here (yay again!). I'm nervous about it, although I'm not sure why. I don't have the right stuff to wear and I didn't lose those 100 lbs (well, give or take 10 or 50) that I wanted to. I'm quite a bit more intimidated by this whole deal than I figured... we'll see.

Just in case you don't have 50 other blogs to keep you busy (ha!) I'll post a few house pics since they're quick. Next week I will get to the meaty stuff, I promise.

Today our new front door was installed. Left=old door/frame. Right=new door/frame. It shuts now, and that's always good with a front door. Ya know. Functionality is good. The new one will have to be painted, but then I have to decide the color first. (Yeah, and that icky oak switch plate is getting ditched too. Just haven't put the new one on yet.)

The kitchen is slowly coming together. The cabinets are getting close to being done and final in their placement of everything.
There were no door or drawer pulls, as you might notice above. We kept reaching for the wrong corner of the cabinets to open them, and it drove me nuts. So we ran right out and fixed the problem. Brushed nickel. Simple, but nice.

M was nice enough to install some under-cabinet lighting for me last week. Very handy. And it's hard to take a picture of it, we learned.

Have a good weekend. Us midwesterners are having a cool one, so enjoy it! (Yes, I know, Mom, it should be "we" midwesterners...but it loses something in the dialect that way.)


  1. Hope you have a great weekend! I'm sure you look terrific, besides don't you know that kids make the BEST accessory to any outfit? It totally slims you! :)

  2. Lookin' good! And we have the same drawer pulls! :)

  3. The house is really coming along. I can't remember, did you move in already? Some day I'd like to do a few of the fixing up things. I never decorated this house because I don't know what to do so it just sits with the other people old person wallpaper and curtains. Maybe next summer. I really need an interior decorator but I can't afford one!

  4. Us rednecks in Dent County enjoyed the pictures and the update! I did a bit of programming on the surprise, maybe you can meet up with Grammy Jan tomorrow?

  5. What's the worry? You always are a hit with personality plus :o)
    Drop me a note with the location of that switch plate and I'll install it as I pass thru. Love those door pulls!
    By the way, Bubba said to tell you Hi.

  6. Looks great! BTW where I live it would be "Ya'll Midwesterners". :-)


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