Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Taking a stand: Part 1

Ok, if you're still around and waiting for the aforementioned GREAT post... grab your coffee or Diet Coke and have a sit-down.

I've been wanting to write a great preface to this, to somehow add to it, further clarify, etc. I will have to do that as a Part 2 instead, because I'm just plain not finding the time or mental capacity lately to properly manage good writing. There are a few more things I want to say about this, so stay with me.

My hesitation with this was only that this will most definitely not sit well with some of my faithful readers...if this is the last post you read, know that I have really enjoyed you being around! (And I hope that's not going to be what happens.) What I need you all to understand is that this is not a new thing for me. This is not a knee-jerk reaction to recent issues or elections or candidates, except that I have felt very strongly lately that it's time for me to speak up for those that can't. And I don't want anyone to mistake my silence for being afraid to state my convictions. This is something I have felt strongly about for close to 20 years. This is not just about DS.

The topic is abortion. Oh, I see you cringe. I feel you head for that X in the corner of the reader window or the browser window. Hang with me. No matter what your view, I'd appreciate your consideration.

I generally don't hit big hot button issues, or at least I haven't to this point, NOT because I don't have core values and strong beliefs, but because I don't like to do a half-way job of things. I don't want to misrepresent myself or a cause due to my quick posting of thoughts that aren't dealt with appropriately.

I want to state one thing up front... I am not angry, pounding anything, or cursing those that have chosen abortion. I do feel for those that have given up those gifts granted them. It boils down to this for me, though it may be seen as oversimplified... No one's "right" outweighs the life of a baby.

This piece is by Heidi, it's long, but with good references and a great tone of information and conviction without condemnation. I agree with her perspective, and I appreciate how it's written. It's not all pretty to read, but I think it's very important to know, no matter which side you stand on.

Thanks for getting this far. I take that as a showing of respect, and I appreciate it.

Click here to go to Heidi's post.


  1. Thanks to you and Heidi for taking the time to research and post a very important topic. Life is way too precious to waste.

  2. Thank you for sharing Heidi's post. I left her a note. I hope she will research in like manner the other Presidential candidates for the truth about their abortion stance. We often hear lies, but we can see truth by their past record.

    I'm proud of you for being the woman you are and the mother of my beautiful granddaughter.

  3. RK, I don't think you should ever hesitate to say what you think. This is a huge issue, and one I happen to feel differently about, but I don't think that means we shouldn't be able to talk about it.

  4. I won't be scared away so easily. Even if your views are different than mine, that's fine by me - you're certainly entitled to your opinions.

  5. Yep, I'm with Cate and Michelle. We're all entitled to choose our own opinions and beliefs. And we're entitled to share them with our friends, and have them do the same, even if they might see things differently. I admire you for your convictions and your courage.

  6. Totally agree with both of you.

  7. Good post RK, and couldn't agree more. Thanks for sharing and for having the courage to stand up. Our world needs more people like you, who are willing to speak their mind:-)

  8. you're doing good kid...I find that I am at a stage where I am weary about what I am seeing in the political arena and want to go crawl into a hole...when I probably should be taking your example instead and finding a way to share my viewpoint. I so wish I had the debating/reasoning skills of a Ravi Zacharias!

  9. Here are my two cents...why are the politicians always considered the evil doers in this very difficult debate? Abortion became legal after a century of women dying from illegal abortions. When did people stop being accountable for their actions? Heidi at the very end said that “women are victims of abortion.” I agree women are victims but more of society rather than abortion. Poverty, abusive relationships, job security, career ambitions and many other social influences attribute to a woman’s decision to have an abortion. Not every employer understands when a woman becomes pregnant. Health insurance is expensive and funds for free clinics are declining. The emotional up and downs during pregnancy and raising a child are scary when faced alone. So, I think social education, funding, and outreach programs are what’s needed to give women other options than abortion. This is a personal issue where grassroots efforts are still needed.

  10. I totally agree with you. No one's rights exceed those of the life of a baby.

    When your 'choice' is to take a life, that's not a choice. Thanks for posting that.

  11. You can't scare me away that easily! Thanks for giving us something to think about.

  12. I strongly believe it should be a woman's choice. I mean, not everyone has the physical/emotional/financial resources the care for children--especially severly handicapped children. I can't imagine the adoption rates are that great for these children. I seem to remember reading your blog and your feelings when your child wasn't what you expected at birth. Granted, you have adjusted well over time, have developed a positive attitude, and the resources to care for her. But, can't you imagine the feelings of people who find out about that challenge head of time?? The fear and anxiety they might have? They are scared of the unknown and turn to less than desirable outcomes a large percentage of the time. Maybe not everyone is so well equipped to deal with this scenario. Also, I sure am glad there is separation of church and state. The crazy part is, I don't think I would even choose abortion, I just would never want to lose my right to choose.

  13. Never be afraid to view your beliefs! This blog is for you and the rest of us just enjoy the ride you take us on.
    My husband jut mae a point about this the other day...

    A woman who is 22 weeks pregnant can chose to have an abortion and yet isn't supposed to think of it as murder, yet, if she is 22 weeks pregnant and gets stabbed in the stomach in a violent crime, it's considered murder. How is that possible?
    I just don't get it.
    I understand that women often get put in difficult places, but I just can't see that God makes mistakes. EVER.

  14. Oooohh don't I LOVE a contraversial post! I love contraversial anything! And as the daughter of a mother who has devoted the last 20 years of her life to not only saving the lives of the unborn, but also helping women who are in need....nothing gets my hair standing on end more than this subject. Get ready for a long comment!

    I have been waiting to see some of the comments. I agree that everyone has their own opinion and has the right to their own opinion. That is what living in this great country is all about. I do not agree with everything that this commenter said, but I agree that educating women these days is the best thing we can do. Educate them on ALL choices....isn't it funny that we "pro-life"/anti-choice" people are often the ones who are fighting for the other two most obvious choices in this matter? I only hear one option from anyone who is "pro-choice". I only hear them screaming of the three most obvious choices. My sister-in-law years ago chose to place her baby in the arms of a loving, devoted family because she knew she was not able to care for him like she should. She made the choice to not abort. She recieved amazing support and help, and I think that she is a hero to that family. She even had an extremely difficult and dangerous pregnancy and had all the "right" reasons to choose abortion, yet she did not. Her baby was a preemie and had some very slight special needs, but that family loved him immediatley before he was born as if he were concieved by them. Now she is married to my brother and they have an amazing little boy and another on the way. Their is life after difficult situations such as that.

    So to the most recent anon poster, I don't mean to "attack", but wow....if you were to re-read your post, I would hope that you would see how selfish it sounds. If we all waited until we were "financially secure", I am sure we would find that none of us "regular" people would ever have kids. And to say "I can't imagine the adoption rates are that great for these children"? To me, that is sick. Are we putting a price on kids now? I wasn't aware that "normal" children cost more than kids with special needs. Someone who would choose to abort their baby becuase it was not perfect has a rude awakening ahead of them. Is it still ok to abort if the parents find out ahead of time that their kid has a huge strawberry mark on the their face? or maybe a mole? How about bowed legs...or feet that turn in when they walk...or an ugly nose, big ears? What they knew ahead of time that child had a sassy mouth and NEVER obeyed? No child is "perfect" in everyone's eyes, but all children are perfect in their Father's eyes. And I could not sum it up any better than what boufmom9 said and that is that GOD NEVER makes mistakes. EVER! He created all man equal and in His image. All man...even babies with big ears, strawberry marks, DS, cerebral palsy, moles and yes...even sassy-mouthed hooligans (sp). They are all created by Him.

    Misty Houston

  15. I've been debating whether to post anything on this issue for fear of "ruffling feathers," but I couldn't just sit by and read some of what I read and not post. I know that we each have our own opinion, but I don't see how anyone can put a value on life. I agree with RK when she simply states, "No one's "right" outweighs the life of a baby." While I completely agree that having a child is a life-changing event, expenses escalate, and literally everything changes, does anyone ever say, "I wish I didn't have my son/daughter?" I would most certainly hope not especially when you hear his/her first heartbeat, first kick, feel their hiccups, and see their body on ultrasound, when he/she responds to your voice in the womb, when you hold him/her in your arms for the first time, when he/she smiles at you, when their face lights up when you walk in to pick them up from their bed, when he/she first rolls over, first sits up, takes their first step to you, and first says mama or dada, and even when he/she is sassy, asks for money, gets on your very last nerve, causes you to not sleep at night, tries your patience, or draws on your walls. I could go on and on with this.

    I get frustrated when I hear a woman has only two options...abortion or having her baby. Abortion is not the only option for a woman. Adoption is an option that is not discussed near as much as abortion. There are several thousands of couples out there that do not have the opportunity to have a child on their own and would love the chance to adopt a child whether the child has special needs or not. There are many, many couples out there willing, even more than willing, to adopt a child with special needs. Are children with special needs any less important? I think not. They are still people just like you and I. So, if they are not "normal," we should just kill them because that is what abortion is. So, he/she might cost extra money, take some extra time, and we would have to change our lives. If that is not selfish, I am not sure what else I would call it.

    Wow... A person can be convicted on two counts of murder if the woman is pregnant and she is murdered, but it's ok to willingly (make the choice) to go into a clinic and say, I want an abortion," and not be convicted of murder. Something definitely seems wrong there.

    Why is it that abortion seems to be the first option? Is it a quick fix to get rid of "the problem?" Why is abortion being made the easiest decision to be made? Is it easier? If so, why is it and for who? Is it because a child is an inconvenience?

    We live in a selfish, self-centered, give it to me now society where everything is about us, what we want, our time, our money, and what about my rights. What about the rights of the unborn life that does not have the means of expressing what he/she wants and what are their rights? Is their life worth any less?

    Ok, I just couldn't let the comment go about being glad there is separation of church and state. My goodness, what do people think is wrong with our country? The problem with our country and society is that so many adults, parents, and children do not know the difference between right and wrong. Simply put, bottom line, right and wrong.

    RK, thank you for sharing. Thank you for Heidi's link. Please do not be apprehensive about sharing your feelings and thoughts. You are a remarkable mother and person. I could sum it up very simply by saying your love for your daughter is selfless.


  16. If the people who read this post are true friends and loving family members they will NOT hit the "X". You are who you are Randa and you should never back away from it.

    Braska, heck I can't even say how CUTE she is, she has a part of my heart for as long as it beats.

    Abortion, just like many things will be here regardless of anything anyone does. While we can minimize it though education and funding, it will always be here.

    It is as others have stated, responsibility. Both individually and society.


  17. Everyone has a choice, but coming from a person that had difficulty conceiving, I would/could never abort a baby. They are a baby from the moment they are conceived. Babies with Special needs are there for a reason..God just thinks you are able to handle anything. My mom always says, "God will never give you more than you can handle". Everyone has their opinions and that is what life is about. On another note, when will Braska be in the magazine. I looked and couldn't find the mag.. Thanks for blogging..and the pictures..:)


  18. Hey RK, I think it is important that we all speak out on this issue. Personally I have always felt uneasy with the difficulty of respecting choice while believing in the sanctity of life.

    Palin's got my respect on that one. Very, very few people in this world walk the talk as she does.
    I'll click over and read the article you link to.


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