Monday, September 22, 2008

31 for 21: Preview

It's that time again... almost October. For me, it's always been a fave, as the most wonderful people are born in this month... like me! But it's also Down Syndrome Awareness month. (Or should we say Month for Awareness of Down Syndrome to be PC? Sorry...I'm hardly ever PC.) So as we did last year, many of us are attempting to blog every day in October, focusing at least partially on DS and how it fits in our lives, affects it... or doesn't. There are a bunch--A BUNCH--of great blogs participating in this fun thing that Tricia started last year. So check out the list at her blog and get to know some new people this next month.

Get It Down; 31 for 21

As a preview, I found out about this today and thought it was pretty cool. It's worth checking out. And there are a few pics, but this is my fave...this little girl's face... priceless.

(Fair warning for some of you... every link I could find to this story failed to have people-first language. I looked. I tried to find one that did. It doesn't actually bother me, but I know some of you feel strongly about it. So I wanted you to know that I did try. :o)


  1. Holy cow my computer just revolted! You just sent me to Rush Limbaugh's page? Sneaky thing to do to a flaming Liberal. ;-}
    Nice story though. ---Jen

  2. Thanks for letting me know about 31 for 21...I'm going to try to take part.
    I was emailed that story, it was nice.

  3. It is a nice story - nice to see that politicians can be sincere...and I will look forward to reading your stuff on every day of October!

  4. And don't forget my birthday on the 31st of October. How appropriate??

  5. I am enjoying checking in on your site so I nominated your website for a web award. Pop on over to my site to pick it up.


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