Friday, September 19, 2008

Not ready for red eye

At 2:51am this morning, just over an hour ago, Braska woke crying. This is rare. She is a pro sleeper, but she's not quite been herself lately (couple days) so it wasn't a huge surprise. But now she's wide awake and playing like it's 2pm. I am SO not ready for this middle of the night thing. I don't know how I survived all that around the clock three-hour schedule we had to do with Braska for so long. I'm going to be a mess later today. I hope to goodness I can get a nap in.

But while we're up, we are praying for safe delivery for my cousin's little girl. Lindsay was "in process" last I heard from her via text at around 10:30pm. I hope all is going well and little Carly has arrived safely by now!

Hope you're all sleeping soundly. Snooze an extra few minutes for me...


  1. I slept terribly through my pregnancies...I figured God was just trying to prepare me for the newborn - but it is still really hard to adjust to - especially when you have an older one to care for during the day. Don't you wish you could store up sleep like a bank and naps can equally compensate for interrupted night times - but it never seems to work that way does it....wishing you a good nap for today and hope it helps.

  2. Braska is just preparing you for what's to come! Of course, my girls were older when I was prego with Mattie. I guess that explains the 7 months of Insomnia instead. When Mattie was born, she'd sleep 7 hours. Her doctor kept telling me to wake her. Was she crazy?? I hadn't slept in 7 months!
    Praying you'll be getting some much needed rest :)


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