Thursday, May 6, 2010

St Louis Moms: Photography opportunity!!!

First--Braska did great! We're home and all is well. Now onto more exciting things...

I do love taking pictures, but I don't have a digital SLR camera. I hope to one day before it's old news. But for now, I'm relying on what I've got. And if you've seen my camera lately you know that a paper clip is literally what makes it go...sad, but true. (And, frankly, my some of my best pics lately didn't even garner a single comment... and I was so darn proud of them! Ah well, the fickleness of blogland.)

But if YOU have a DSLR and you live in or near St. Louis, my friends Jodie and Kim are doing a great class each month this summer for moms who would like to get tips and tricks from the pros! You can check out the info here. I'm SO going to do this someday...when I get the cool kids camera. But I'd love to see someone go and really enjoy these super sassy photographers and their excellent talent.


  1. I'll bet those photo gals can't do the artwork you do on this blog site. You are so creative. You got that from your dad-- certainly not from me!

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