Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cutting edge drying technology

Whatta ya think of my state of the art drying rack? You just wash the dishes in the sink and the place them in all the nice slots for perfect drying position. There are two levels to accommodate all the dirty dishes toddlers and men who eat like teenagers can generate. It even closes right up in the cabinet and disappears!

For the children's entertainment, there is a spinning toy hanging from the top rack to keep them busy while Mommy works. When it is in its hidden position, there are fun clickety dials and buttons on the front to enjoy as well.

The only negative I have seen so far is that when not latched properly, the door will fall open unhindered by springs to keep it safe for little heads below.

Jealous aren't ya?

Now if only they would make something that WASHED the dishes too. That would be great!!

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  1. Love you sense of humor:o) Might as well get some enjoyment out of it, right?


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