Sunday, May 16, 2010

Naptime 5-14-10

Kinlee again. Friday she slept all covered up. It was more chilly and she loves her blanket.

Karen K--She is rough on it but it is starting to travel around the house with her.

Braska has never had a special doll or blanket that she wanted beyond the bed. Its kind of fun to see KiKi toddle around dragging her blanket just like Linus, over the shoulder.


  1. AW! All my girls have "Kibbies" as they call them. That started with Faith, I guess she got the "K" and the "B" mixed up then threw in an "i" from out of nowhere. Russ and I just sort of died a little on the inside when we realized that Mae has been going to bed without necessarily needing the Kibby to fall asleep with.

  2. Reminds me of a special green "dog" that we sometimes lost .....


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