Thursday, May 20, 2010

Got stuff?? Can I borrow it?

Ok, so maybe “borrow” isn’t the right word.  Can I sell it for you?  The only catch is that you don’t get the moolah.

Say what?

By now, you’ve heard more than once from me about Dashlyn, Julie’s newest daughter, who we hope to get to meet in person this fall (or even late summer…if I’m hoping bravely!).  Julie and Allan are adopting her from Eastern Europe, and this is an expensive venture to undertake.  They have done a good job of tightening the budget and getting creative in order to make it happen.  But we’re putting together a garage sale on June 5 with all of the proceeds going toward the adoption, to help them be sure to have all that’s required for travel and fees. 

If you’re anywhere around the St. Louis Metro area, and you’ve got stuff you’d like to clear out of your closet or playroom or garage…let me know! I’ll even come pick it up if you’re not too far away!

If you’re not close by geographically, but you’d like to contribute to the adoption and cash is not your best friend right now…would you be able to ship us a box or two to put in the sale??  We’d love to help you purge that storage area that needs organized or clear out the cabinets that you’d prefer to use for things you USE!

We’ve had some wonderful people already respond with stuff, and we’re sure it’s going to be a great sale.  But we’d love to have a MEGA sale!  So here’s you’re chance to do something with all that stuff you said you would “do something” with someday… and you’d be helping bring a little beautiful girl home to her Mommy and Daddy and a family who can’t wait to love her like crazy.

And all you bloggers… if you’d link this post to spread the word, that would be great too!! Thanks!!


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